Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean As A Dog Owner

You know how amazing it can be to have a dog. Dogs are going to provide you with an abundance of love and enjoyment over the years. Just remember that being a dog owner is also very tough. After all, your dog requires a lot of love and attention.

keep your home clean despite of having a dog

You should also know that your dog doesn’t care whether or not your home remains clean. They just want your attention and they’re going to get it one way or another. Below, you’re going to find great tips for ensuring your home remains clean despite being a dog owner.

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Wash Those Paws

There is a pretty good chance that you do not allow your dog to potty inside your house. After all, that would make your home filthy and smelly. Dog urine can easily ruin your home and you want to stop that from happening. This means that you’ll need to take your dog outside frequently. That is great, but your dog’s paws are going to get covered in mud. With this in mind, you should make sure that you wash those paws each and every time your dog exits the home. This will prevent them from bringing the mud inside and covering your freshly cleaned flower.

You can find paw wash stations at most stores and online. They can definitely help.

Dealing With Pet Hair

While you’re at it, you need to realize that your dog is going to shed a lot of hair. It is natural and it is going to make your job significantly harder. Dog hair is not easy to remove from your home and it is going to get pretty much everywhere. It’ll embed itself into your carpet, furniture and so much more. With this in mind, you’ll need to put together a plan to solve this problem. At the very least, you should try to find a way to minimize the amount of hair in your home. Using a vacuum specifically designed for pet hair will make a world of difference.

You’ll want to sweep the floors at least twice a day. More is even better. Giving the home a deep cleaning twice a week or so can help you. If you groom your dog on your own, there is a possibility that the shampoo you’re using is making the issue worse. You can switch to a gentler shampoo and make the problem somewhat better.

Brushing Outside

If you’re dealing with excessive fur in your home, you should try brushing your dog more often. You can prevent a mess by following the steps below.

  • Get a soft brush that is designed for dogs
  • Take your pooch outside
  • Brush your dog for a good five to ten minutes
  • Leave the mess behind

Brushing is a good way to decrease the amount of hair that your pooch is going to shed. You can use a soft brush or a Furminator. Either one should work exceptionally well. However, you should speak with your dog’s vet or groomer to find out what will work best for your canine.

Check The Air Filters

It is really the dog hair and dander that is going to make the biggest mess. You’ll be able to see it on your floors and furniture, but you might ignore it on the air filters. This is another thing that you’ll need to check regularly. Pretty much every home has an HVAC system. Be sure to check the system’s filter and change it when necessary. If you’re using a cleanable filter, you’ll want to get it cleaned up right away. There are other appliances that use filters too. For instance, dehumidifiers and humidifiers might be using them. If they are, you’ll need to check and clean those filters as well.

Get rid of the dog hair so you’re not breathing it into your lungs!

Disposal Bags Are A Must

You also need to realize that your dog is going to potty pretty much anywhere. You do not want to step in their present and bring it into your home. This is why you’ll want to get their mess cleaned up right away. When you visit your local store, you should check the pet aisles. Here, you will find plastic bags that are specifically designed for the cleanup of dog feces. Using these bags couldn’t be easier. You just need to stick your hand inside, grab the feces and flip the bag over. Now, you can throw it into the garbage.

Cleaning Up The Surfaces

Despite cleaning your dog’s paws, you still need to understand that they can still traffic dirt and debris into your home. Or, you may forget to clean their paws when they enter. Either way, you should take steps to clean up the visible and nonvisible signs of their movements. Your dog might be bringing dangerous germs into your home. Make sure that you’re cleaning up immediately. This can decrease the likelihood that you and your family members encounter viruses or germs.

Wipe Their Rear

Dogs are like humans in more ways than you might believe. One thing to note is that some dogs make a pretty good mess when they do a number two. Their presence will be left behind and it might be on their backside as well. You do not want to let them inside to smear that present all over your floors and carpets. With that being said, you should clean their backside with a wet wipe or something similar before allowing them back into the home.

Clean Up Accidents Immediately

Finally, you should know that even the best-trained dogs out there are going to have accidents at some point or another. When an accident occurs, you’ll want to get it cleaned up immediately! Otherwise, your dog is going to smell the urine and you can guarantee that they’ll be back. Using a home cleaning solution that is specifically designed to get rid of the smell of the urine is best. With a little luck and effort on your end, your dog will decide that it is best to stick to using the bathroom outside.

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