8 Things You Can Do If Your Dog Has Flea Issues

Dogs are amazing animals, and we love them. But sometimes they can get fleas which is a significant problem for everyone. Flea infestations happen because the eggs from adult fleas fall off the dog’s fur and land on carpets, furniture, or other areas where your pet spends time. This creates an environment that allows these pests to thrive year-round. Here are eight things you should do if your dog has flea issues!

what dog flea treatment is best
what dog flea treatment is best

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Set Up a Dog Flea and Worming Subscription

Getting a monthly subscription for your dog is one of the best things you can do. This will ensure that they are protected from fleas and other parasites all year long. As seen at https://www.itchoff.com.au/, you can get a dog flea and worming subscription that also covers ticks, heartworms, and other parasites. This ensures that you don’t forget to treat your dog because you will get a reminder.

When selecting a dog’s monthly subscription, look for one that provides everything a dog needs to stay flea-free. Topical therapy, chewable tablets, and shampoos are just a few of the items that might be included. Getting the same thing from a reputable business will be much better to ensure you have something quality for your dog.

Give Your Pet a Bath

Fleas are often carried by other animals, including your dog’s playmates. These pests can easily be transferred from one animal to another if they’re not properly treated. Using a natural shampoo with oatmeal is very effective at getting rid of fleas without using harsh chemicals that might harm your pet more than the parasite itself. Also, look for tea tree oil shampoos as this is a natural flea repellent.

If your pet already has fleas, you can add a few drops of peppermint or lavender oil to the shampoo. This will help to get rid of any adult fleas on your dog’s body and will also repel new ones from coming on board.

Keep Your Home Clean

One of the best things you can do to stop a flea infestation from happening in your home is to keep it clean. This means vacuuming and sweeping regularly, especially in areas where your pet likes to hang out. It’s also important to wash all bedding, rugs, and furniture covers regularly.

If you have an outdoor pet, make sure to clean up any droppings they might leave behind. This will help to get rid of any eggs left behind and prevent a flea infestation from starting. You can do this daily to ensure that the eggs don’t have a chance to hatch.

Use a Flea Comb

A flea comb is a great way to detect and remove any fleas that might be on your dog’s body. These combs have very fine teeth and will help get rid of any adult or baby pests you see. Brush the comb through their fur and check for anything moving around as this is a sign they’re crawling with these parasites.

If you find some, it’s essential to kill them immediately. You can do this by dipping the comb in soapy water and then squishing them before rinsing off the suds. This is one of the best things to do if you feel your dog has a flea problem. Try to avoid combing your dog’s fur if it has dried blood or other products in it, as this can make the situation worse.

Use Natural Flea Remedies

You can use several natural remedies to get rid of these pests once and for all. You can put cedar oil on your dog’s collar or bedding which is an organic way to kill the bugs. Also, you could try putting up a flea trap in your home. This small container filled with soapy water will attract the fleas. As they jump in, they’ll drown, and you can then dispose of them.

Another natural remedy is to use lavender oil on your dog’s coat. This helps repel the pests and keep them away for several weeks. You can also use a garlic and brewer’s yeast supplement to help get rid of the fleas from your dog’s system. Ensure that your veterinarian approves the methods you are using before using them.

Do Regular Checks

Fleas aren’t the only problem that can affect your pet. You should regularly check them for ticks and other parasites as well. If you find any, it’s essential to take care of this immediately so they don’t have a chance to infect your dog in ways that could potentially be deadly.

With regular checks and some preventive measures, you can help keep your dog safe from fleas and other parasites. If you do find that they have an issue with these pests, take action right away to get rid of them before they become a bigger problem. You can decide to check on your dog daily and weekly and use flea control products that can help get rid of these parasites.

Clean Dog’s Beddings and Toys

It’s essential to keep your dog’s bedding and toys clean as they can attract fleas. Wash their bedding in hot water at least once a week, and give their toys a good scrubbing every so often. This will help to get rid of any eggs or larvae that might be living on them and could prevent a flea infestation from starting.

Besides cleaning, you can keep your dog’s bedding and toys clean by using a flea spray. This is an easy way to kill any bugs living on these items, which is perfect if you feel like they have brought some of them home with them after being outside or in a park.

Allow Your Pet to Groom Itself

Dogs are naturally gifted in grooming and can rid themselves of most pests. It would be best to allow your dog to grooming itself by giving them some space. It’s also a good idea to give dogs regular baths with natural shampoos that help get rid of fleas and other parasites without harming their skin or coat in the process.

This grooming can help get rid of any eggs or larvae that might be living on them and prevent a flea infestation from starting. Ensure that you clean and disinfect the area where your dog usually grooms itself, as this is where the eggs will likely be.

Please remember that regular vet checkups are essential for ensuring that your pet stays healthy and can help to catch any potential health problems before they become a more significant issue. If you’re ever worried about something wrong with your pet, don’t hesitate to take them in for a checkup.

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