6 Things Dog owners Love from Subscription Boxes

Pet owners have one thing in common: they love to soil their animal buddies round the clock. Whether it is buying them ridiculously expensive toys, dressing them in designer outfits, or splashing money to hire chefs to cook for them, they derive great pleasure in making the lives of their pets comfortable and luxurious.

Dog owners Love from Subscription Boxes
Monthly subscription boxes for dog

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It is this undying and infinite love that saw the emergence of dog subscription boxes in our world. Although dog owners have the best intentions for their furry friends, life sometimes gets in the way, and providing the desired life for them becomes unattainable. This is where subscription boxes come in. With them, you can go about your business knowing that your dog is taken care of all the time. Speaking of subscription boxes, what are some of the things dog owners love from them?

1. Classic Toys

Let’s face it: dogs love to chew on things, bark at them, and simply play with them. This is the definition of fun for them. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that dog owners pay handsomely to get classic toys for their beloved animals. Different companies offer different dog toys. You pick your poison depending on the chewing level of your pet. Some subscription boxes even have themed gifts such as dinosaur toys, and movie-named toys.

2. Treats

Besides playing, dogs love to eat a good meal. Pet owners know this too well and they’ve become increasingly selective on what goes into their pooch’s mouths. Dog subscription boxes have moved to cater to this need with many of them offering corn, soy, and wheat-free dog treats. Some take things a notch higher and offer allergy-friendly options for pups that cannot have chicken, beef, and turkey. Treats are available for a range of dog breeds such as Newfoundland and Chihuahua.

3. Pharmaceutical And Nutritional Supplements

Another thing canine owners love from their Pupbox vs BarkBox vs BullyMake: Best Subscription Boxes for Dogs is to get quality and valuable supplements. As people become accustomed to taking supplements, they feel the need to have their pups take them as well.

The most common are fatty acids that improve a coat’s shine and reduce shedding, multivitamins, and a range of supplements taken to boost arthritic joints. Some pet owners also love to give probiotics to their dogs to deal with gastrointestinal problems and antioxidants to reverse aging issues such as cognitive dysfunction.

As for nutrition, a dog subscription box gives owners a stab at managing the weight of their animals and enhances their overall health as well. Vitamins and minerals are the two common supplements especially for dogs with eating disorders. Other supplements included in subscription boxes include glucosamine (helps with osteoarthritis), fish oil (prevents cardiovascular disease), Lysine (prevents FHV-1 infections), and digestive enzymes (claimed to help with digestion).

4. Pet Wear – monthly subscription boxes for dog

If you love your dog more than yourself (which is likely the case), you’d probably want it to adorn some of the creative, fashionable, and personalized mutt apparel. Much like people, pets are characterized by diverse preferences and characteristics when it comes to pet dress-up.

Dog owners are often faced with the tough job of looking for animal clothing that fits their pooch’s needs and oozes their confidence. Through subscription boxes, this problem can be eliminated. All you do is order the right garments based on your animal’s preference and safety (and perhaps your own style) and wait at the door for the monthly delivery.

Some of the dog wear delivered in subscription boxes include embroidered or printed tees, leashes, bandanas, and ties. If you want, the box can contain custom-made animal outfits matching yours or those with personalized messages.

5. Special Treats For Pet Owners

Dog owners deserve some attention for their dedication and hard work towards their furry buds. This is why dog subscription companies sat down and came up with just the perfect way to appreciate animal owners. One such threat is the creation of a hand-drawn illustration using a photo of your dog which is then transferred into an item such as a notebook, mug, coaster, and plenty of other surprises. This specific subscription box often comes with a pet milestone card and other dog treats.

6. Pet Grooming Kits

The last thing that dog subscription boxes contain is grooming kits. It is true that most dog owners lose certain vital grooming essentials and have to go for a long time without giving their animal friends some TLC. This is why many of them have opted for a quarterly or yearly pet grooming kit subscription to ensure a constant supply of their grooming necessities.

Dogs are loyal, ever-friendly, and just fun to hang around. With their infinite love and friendship towards their masters, it is no wonder money is poured to enhance their wellbeing, luxury, and comfort. If you are looking for more opportunities to pass on the message of love to your furry buddy, registering for a dog subscription box is more like it.

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