7 Things to Do With Your Dog This Summer

Summer is the time of year where we all lace up our boots and go looking for adventure, but adventuring doesn’t mean you have to leave your pup behind. You love your fur babies as much as the next pet owner, so what better way to make the most of your summer than taking your dog along for some fun summer activities? While their afternoon walk might be enough to satisfy on a regular day, you can have fun exploring new places and activities together. 

There are plenty of ways to get your dog involved in your summer activities, and you can even find activities that you might not have thought of before!

Go for a Hike

While you’ve probably been out hiking before, why not take your pup along? If your favorite trail allows dogs, hiking could be a great opportunity to get your dog’s daily walk in while also exploring nature and getting some exercise for yourself. If your favorite trail doesn’t allow pets, this could be a great opportunity to try a new spot!

Whether you’re taking a mellow stroll with your older companion or spritely jaunt with your brand new pup, hikes can be a fun activity for dogs of all kinds. 

Take Them Swimming

There are so many watery spots that are perfect for a day with your dog. Not all public pools allow dogs in, but there are plenty of natural options, especially if you’re looking to connect with the earth. Bringing your dog to a river, pond or even to a beach are great ways to get them involved in your swims! Especially on those hot days, a dip can be the perfect way to cool off.

While they might get down and dirty running around in the sand or mud, their wagging tail and happy face will make your swim entirely worth it.

Get Squeaky Clean

If swimming or hiking got your pup a little dirty, summer is the perfect time to try your hand at grooming. Pick up some dog shampoo and get the hose out, or simply scrub them in the tub if they’re small enough. Even if you dog isn’t especially dirty, freshening them up can be a fun and silly experience for everyone, and leave them smelling and feeling squeaky clean.

Take a Road Trip

Do car rides make your dog wag their tail? Why not take it another step further? If you’re planning a road trip for the summer, you could amplify the fun by taking your dog along with you. Whether you’re driving cross-country on the open road or simply visiting a nearby city or destination, bringing your pup along for the ride could be a great experience. 

By taking your dog along on your road trip, you don’t have to worry about finding pet care while you’re away, and you get to make tons of fun memories with your furry friend. 

Get Down, Dog!

Yes, that’s right — dog yoga. There are a few ways that you can get your pup involved with your flow, and it’s all about which works best for you, your dog and your lifestyle. Many studios and businesses offer doga classes specifically designed for you and your dog to attend together. However, if your city doesn’t have an active doga community, don’t fret! 

You can always roll out your yoga mat outside and let your pup run and play around with you — often, they’ll get in the groove and participate — or find a video to follow along with that’s intended to get your pup involved.

Host a Puppy Playdate

If you’ve got friends with fur babies of their own, this one is for you. Whether your pup is used to social interaction with other dogs or brand new to it, having a puppy playdate can offer some healthy socialization for owner and pet alike. Whether you have a friend or two join you in the backyard or create a pseudo dog park on the lawn, you can have a great time with your friends while giving all the pups some well-needed playtime. 

Grab a Bite

Going out to eat or grabbing a drink at an establishment with outdoor seating is a perfect summer activity, especially since many businesses allow dogs in their outdoor seating area. Check if your favorite restaurant allows dogs, and if they don’t, explore somewhere brand new with your furry friend. Whether you’re spending an evening out or grabbing an afternoon coffee, your dog will get a kick out of the activity and the attention.

Having a summertime full of adventure doesn’t mean that you have to leave your pup behind. In fact, committing to bring your dog along more this summer can give you both an opportunity to find new activities that are fun for everyone. Have you tried any of these activities before? Which new summer ideas really get your tail wagging?

Richard Hayes

Hey there! Meet Richard Hayes, the big boss and marketing guru behind Pet Dog Planet. He's been a total doggo fanatic since forever and loves all kinds of pups, from tiny teacup Chihuahuas to big, burly Bulldogs. His absolute favorite pastime? Snuggling with adorable puppies—he can't get enough of those cute little faces! Plus, he's totally into iced coffee, chilling in hammocks, and, of course, more puppy cuddling!

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