7 Reasons Why Adopting Dogs Can Change the Lives of Senior Citizens

There’s a popular saying that you’re never alone when you have a dog as a company. You’ll realize how true that proverb is once you adopt a dog of your own. The constant presence of your canine buddy will bring you the comfort and confidence of having a true companion by your side at all times. 

dogs for seniors

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According to a study, more than 40% of seniors experience loneliness consistently. This often leads to many physical and emotional problems in seniors. 

Owning a pooch can be physically and emotionally uplifting for everyone, regardless of age. However, during your golden years, you’d need supports more than ever. 

The straightforward, uncomplicated, and unconditional love of your canine buddy is enough to cheer you up when you’re feeling low. Read more to know why you wouldn’t regret adopting a doggo.

#1. Dogs Will Heal You Emotionally

Let’s face it. Not all people have the best time after they turn old. You may lose a friend or a loved one and sometimes have to deal with it alone. It’s natural to feel heavy inside and that may also stop you from participating in a once-loved activity but to be honest, life doesn’t end there. 

Somehow you have to move on and motivate yourself to fight back. That spirit develops when you have a friend to support you emotionally. Yes, if you’re lucky enough to find the right dog, it can become the reason for you to get up and out everyday.

Imagine you’re depressed or feeling alone and your favourite pup starts snuggling and cuddling with you. Only envisioning that takes away half the tension right? So, think what’ll happen when you actually adopt one.  

#2. Will Give You a Purpose

Growing old can sometimes make you feel frustrated. If you’re living alone or just recently retired from the job, it may seem like there is no other purpose in life. Like when you had the job, you’d get up every morning, go for a light jog, have breakfast happily and then go to the designated workstation but once all these are gone, you may feel empty inside. 

That’s when you’ll need a companion to keep you busy. You’ll again have a good night’s sleep, wake up early, continue jogging. It’s like getting your job back. Only this time the job is taking care of your best friend, spending more your time with your beloved dog. 

#3. The Best Companion

Once you adopt a dog, there will be so many responsibilities to keep you occupied but you’ll enjoy it to the fullest. He’ll be the new member to your family and we all know that seniors are wonderful beings with a lot to give. So, when you find the right dog for yourself, allow it to give you a new lease in life. 

Whenever you need help, if not anyone else your pooch will be there to have your back. Plus, did you know that Labradors are popular rescue dogs who can be trained to guide the blind people? So, no matter if you have mobility issues or vision problems, your loyal companion will be at your service.

#4. Dogs Can Relieve Stress and Anxiety

One of the other benefits of adopting a dog is that if you’re suffering from stress or anxiety you’ll gradually feel them going away. How? Conducting research it’s proven that bonding with a dog for just 15 minutes may cause a chemical chain reaction in your brain. 

This ultimately decreases the amount of Fight to flight hormone in your body along with Cortisol. Thus, your stress levels, anxiety rates and blood pressure drops straight away. Moreover, the decrement of those hormones play huge roles to control your depression and cholesterol levels. 

#5. Dogs Keep You Active

Numerous studies have proven that senior citizens who are also dog parents gain huge physical benefit from walking their dogs on a daily basis. So, if you wish to get a dog, don’t back off thinking about your age. 

A small walk or a little jog early in the morning or even the afternoon around the block will keep you and your dog both active and motivated. Since going outside with your dog will increase your productivity, leading to a better health, why sparing the golden chance? 

Unless you have mobility issues you should go for it. Even the doctors recommend a little exercise or moderate movements at this age to keep you fit.     

#6. Will Protect You

Not only dogs are loyal to their owners, but also they are of protective nature. If you can bond with them and train them well, your canine bud will stand against any harm that comes your way. 

Greyhounds or Labradors are great guard dogs who can keep you secure from unwanted visitors. Though they may get a little intimidated while protecting you and your family from intruders, they’re actually very gentle in nature.  

#7. Dogs Keep You Social

Keeping a dog comes with responsibilities like taking them for a walk, sometimes to the salons or even to the vets. In this way you’ll get to socialize with other dog parents which is actually beneficial for yourself.  

Age makes seniors more introvert with time. They start feeling isolated even in communal living situations. Participating in social work or other volunteering events with your dog may also help you find new friends and activity partners. 


The bottom line is, dogs are always adorable. We agree they could be some extra responsibilities but so what? Once you find yourself in the comfort of your beloved pet, it’ll surely make all the hassles absolutely worth it. 

The right dog will help you to stay strong both emotionally and physically but don’t forget to shower your love and affection in return. Remember that the key is to find the right match.   

So go ahead and adopt one if you find yours. We guarantee you’ll be surprised how it’ll change your life for good. 

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