Why You Should Start Working Out With Your Dog

Your dog is your best friend, and as you probably know by now, doing things with your best friend is sometimes a better option than doing them alone, or even worse, not doing them at all.

Working Out With Your Dog
working out with your dog

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Working out with your dog might seem like a curious choice, but if you and your pooch get accustomed to this new routine, it is possible to have a productive workout that will make both you and your furry bestie very happy. So, in case you aren’t convinced that it could work, here are some reasons why you should start exercising with your dog:

1. Spending time with your pet can improve your mood

There is something about dogs that instantly lifts your mood: maybe it’s the way they wag their tails, or how they look at you with those cute puppy eyes, but the truth is, if you decide to exercise with your dog, you will instantly feel better and more accomplished. Besides, your pet will be more than happy to spend time with you and do something together. Walking your dog on a leash is a regular activity that many dogs are used to, but if you decide to incorporate some new workouts, chances are that both you and your dog will have a lot of fun together.

2. An animal workout buddy is better than no workout buddy

Some people prefer to exercise all alone, and even though that is fine and understandable, sometimes having company can be of great help, mainly if you’re trying to build your routine and find the motivation to exercise on the regular basis. In that case, an animal workout buddy is better than having no one by your side, especially if you don’t have anyone to keep you company and help you get motivated. So next time you feel like exercising, feel free to join forces with your pooch because he will be more than happy to be by your side and play with you.

3. Working out with a dog is fun and motivating

As we previously mentioned, having a pet as a workout companion can help you get motivated, but aside from that, your workout will feel less like a workout and more like a fun and entertaining activity. For example, taking your dog with you while going for a run can speed up your pace and improve the way you move your body. Of course, it is still important to get quality running equipment, mainly shoes, so if you’re looking to get yourself a pair, check out the walkjogrun website, as they have reviews and tips that will help you find everything you need. Therefore, if you feel lazy and unmotivated, try taking your dog for a run with you because you’ll definitely have a great time!

4. Exercising outdoors is always a great option

Gyms are convenient and reliable, but if you want to get a bit more out of your exercise, then working out outdoors is a great idea, since outdoor air is less polluted than indoor air, and because you will surely get more out of your workout if you spend time outside. Also, having a dog by your side is a wonderful opportunity to take them outside and do something else, besides walking. Your pooch will definitely love the fact that you two are having fun together, and if you want to give them something extra to do, you can always play fetch with a stick or anything else that you’ve brought with you.


Having a dog doesn’t mean that you two can’t spend some time doing things that don’t involve walking and chilling on the sofa. Making your pet a part of your workout routine will surely deepen your bond and keep you motivated to exercise more often. 

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