Best Dog Exercise That Works Well To Develop Them

As a dog owner, you might have several doubts regarding the health care routine of your dog. From grooming to playing, you have to pay attention to their growth and ensure that they live an active life. As per animal experts, dogs need daily exercising to remain fit and active for a lifetime. It also helps their mental health and rewards them with a prolonged life.

But many of you might be unaware of how to train or develop your dog and indulge them in exercising. That’s why we thought of creating this fruitful guide that introduces the best dog exercises that work well in their development.

Before we go into this topic, let us understand how much exercise the dog needs because every dog is different in some aspects. 

How much exercise does the dog need?

Usually, several dogs should get at least 1-2 hours of daily exercise for a fit and healthy life. But in some cases, this time can vary based on factors like type, age, and acceptance. If you are planning a new exercise program for your dog, make sure that it is suitable for your dog and allows him to build stamina. While exercising the dog, pay attention to signs of exhaustion like wheezing, disorientation, or heavy panting.

Also, you need to look for lameness, slowing, or stopping to lie down during the activities. Avoid outside activities on a warm day and make sure that your dog is having access to fresh and cool water at all times. Stop or lessen exercising if your dog becomes tired, disinterested, or achy in exercising. Contact your veterinarian doctor if you observe any sign of illness at the time or after completing the exercise.

What types of exercise are ideal for a pet dog?

You will find several activities and exercises to develop your dog but choose the ones that best fit their interest. Most of the activities will include your participation in a fun way and nourish your bond day by day. You can refer to this website to learn all the exercising benefits for your dog.

When it comes to the place, you can either choose a dog park or make use of your yard and terrace. Most dogs find it interesting to exercise in the dog’s park as other dog’s presence inspires them in what they are doing. Below, we will see different types of exercise that are ideal for pet dogs so that you can choose the best ones for your dog.

Dog Yoga

Yes, you heard that right. Dog yoga, also known as ‘Doga,’ is definitely an interesting thing to do. It not only helps you both to stretch and relax together but also enhances your bond. With dog yoga, you will feel like you have got a new workout buddy. To incorporate your dog in this practice, you will need to follow a certain plan. First, create a yoga setup at home or find a dog yoga class and let your dog’s curiosity lead the way. For larger dogs, you can stretch alongside to guide them in the poses or let the trainer do their job.

Run your dog up and down the steps

If you have big flights of stairs in your house, then let your dog run up and down because this is the best exercise for him. You can also run with him and motivate him to continue running. If not stairs, you can look for any slope region as such places avoid the risk of accidents that cause while running on roads.

While your dog is running, ensure that he is fit and not dealing with any health issues, especially the ones related to joints. Also, don’t make them run vigorously in higher temperatures. You can check the exercise tolerance of your dog and take breaks whenever needed.

The ultimate Frisbee

This will be a fun workout for you and your dog. You can also involve your other family members to make the dog feel motivated. Throwing the Frisbee and letting your dog catch it will ultimately make your dog flexible and active. It also works best as a cardio workout, challenges your dog’s eye coordination, and improves his strategic skills.

Go swimming

Some dogs love to play with water. If your dog falls into this category, then you can take him to a nearby pool, pond, or lake. Swimming is a good exercise for dogs as it helps strengthen their joints, and it is easier on their paws when compared with running. Apart from being a great cardiovascular workout, it is also the best way for dogs to burn away extra energy. It also helps them stem behavioral issues that occur from pent-up energy.

Create an obstacle course

If you have big rooms, then you can create an obstacle course for your dog. There are several options to do this, such as scattering the things in your yard to run around, jumping over the chairs, going under tables, getting a hula hoop to jump through, circling around the pillars, and many more. You can watch the dog shows to get more ideas on the obstacle course and replicate them at your home.

Let them play hide and seek with treats

Playing hide and seek with treats not only excites the dog but also becomes the best exercise for their body, especially the nose. You can stash treats in hidden locations of your home and teach your dog to search for them. Make sure to change the locations every time to keep the game interesting.

Tug of war

This is another great and fun indoor exercise for your dog. Make sure to lighten your dog’s mood and keep the game interesting rather than competitive because playing tug of war can make him overly competitive.


We hope now you have got a hold over several exercises for dogs. Next time, make sure to involve your dog in these exercises and make him fit and healthy.

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