How to Get a Puppy to Sleep Through the Night?

Bringing home a new puppy or puppies is sure to fill your life with lots of love, cuteness, cuddle times and funny moments. However, being a puppy parent also has its difficult times, which is somewhat similar to having a human child. One of the most difficult tasks is to make the puppy sleep through the night.

Just like human babies, puppies tend to get scared when left alone to sleep. There have been instances where puppies have stayed awake all through the night whining and carrying, making it difficult for everyone else to sleep. On the other hand, some parents let their puppies sleep with them to make sure they do not feel alone or scared. However, letting a really young puppy sleep with you may result in you waking up to a wet bed.

You need to remember that raising a puppy is like raising a human baby. You need to have patience and give your puppy the time and space to understand what you want to communicate. Therefore, if you want to stay away from all the troubles and teach your puppy how to sleep peacefully through the night, the below-mentioned points may help you out.

Let your puppy enjoy a good sleep

Give them a cozy space where they are comfortable

No one can enjoy a good sleep in an uncomfortable space. A comfortable bed is the pre-requisite in order to get an uninterrupted slumber. So, get your puppy a comfortable and soft puppy bed. Make sure to know which type of bed your puppy would be comfortable in. There are wide types of puppy beds available online. From crates to puppy pens, from puppy cushions to puppy beds, you will find them all. Choose a bed that will suit your puppy’s size and makes sure to tuck them in soft and cozy blankets. Once you have created the puppy bed, let them explore it and feel the coziness.

Do not leave them all alone

Puppies do not like being alone. Keeping them alone or making them sleep in a room with no humans, may scare them and keep them awake the whole night. If you do not wish to let them sleep on your bed, the best thing to do is place their beds near to yours. This will ensure the puppy that he/she is not alone and that you are right beside them. Moreover, even when your puppy wakes up in the middle of the night, you can comfort them by stroking their little heads and helping them go back to sleep.

Give them their favorite toy

After tucking your puppy to sleep, let them have their favorite toy. This will keep them calm. These toys act like a protective blanket to your pup. They help them relax and may help them sleep peacefully at night. Also, make sure not to give him a squeaky toy, or else they may end up waking you.

Let them play around and engage them in a little workout session

Puppies are energetic tiny bundles of joy. You need to bring that energy down before you make them sleep. The healthiest way to keep your little power ball active is to let them have some playful workout sessions. These workout sessions make the puppy tired, and a tired puppy will always sleep peacefully. Enjoy a little play time with your pup in the evening, before you give them their last meal of the day. If your pup is very young and tiny, spend some indoor playtime. Let them run around a bit. This makes the puppy exhausted and also keeps them have an active and strong life.

Give them sufficient food and water   

A hungry puppy will never let you sleep well and will also never fall in sleep. Therefore, it is better not to forget your puppy’s supper. It is advisable to feed your puppy three hours prior to sleep time. This will help them digest their food and finish their business before sleeping. Feeding late may mean that your puppy may wake up in the middle of the night to take a dump. Also, puppies do not know how much food is good for them. Therefore, you need to give them a balanced diet, in order to make sure they do not suffer from any stomach problems in the middle of the night.

Take them out for a toilet break before bedtime

Make sure your puppy does all its business before you tuck them in their beds. Small puppies find it quite difficult to hold their bladder. They would pee several times in a day. As they grow, it is very important to give them proper toilet training. It is very difficult to train them during the young age. Therefore, when they are very young, you need to take them out just before you make them sleep.

Keep bedtime precise  

Pick a specific bedtime for your puppy. A routine would help your puppy understand what he/she is expected to do. In fact, keeping a timetable is very important to train your puppy for all other tasks, like playtime, mealtime, and bedtime. If you keep changing the sleeping time, it may confuse your little mutt.

Peaceful space to sleep

Your puppy is a curious being, and any new sound or movement would make them alert and will break the sleep mode. After you put your puppy into the bed, make sure to keep the surroundings quiet and peaceful. After tucking them, you need to dim the lights and keep it quiet. A noisy place or a place with lot of people may not be a very good space for your puppy to sleep.

Do not give in to the whining

At the initial days, your puppy would definitely try to grab your attention by crying and whining. Most parents give up to the sad whines of their puppies and attend them immediately. If you give up to the crying and whining, your puppy will realize that it is the easiest way to get your attention and will not stop doing it. Therefore, do not give into it immediately. Make sure your puppy is fed well and has been taken out for the last toilet break. You need to train them that there are certain boundaries in the house. In fact, if your puppy stops whining on being asked to, reward him/her with a treat. This will make them realize that if they do not whine, they may get a delicious treat.

A sound sleep may wake them up early

If you have been successful in teaching your puppy how to sleep through the night, you must also be prepared for a hyper-excited puppy the next morning. Enjoying an uninterrupted sleep through the night would give your puppy the required rest and would make them super active the next day. Therefore, you too need to get your sleep in order to enjoy a fun-filled day with your little pup.

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