How to Take Care of a Pug

Pugs are a small breed of dogs that are cute but, unfortunately, very prone to diseases, especially breathing concerns. They are different from other dogs so there are a few health tips that every pug owner should know to provide it a more comfortable life.

By focusing on these below points you can keep your pug healthy and fit:

1. Provide regular exercise

Every dog loves to sleep and so do pugs. They have an average sleep of 14 hours but that doesn’t mean that they can skip their exercise routine. Regular and proper exercise is important, even a simple walk daily is also good enough for the pugs to remain fit. If possible, swimming in a small pool can be a great exercise for pugs to manage obesity.

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2. Overheating is bad for pugs:

Overheating can be injurious for your pug as hot weather adversely affects all brachycephalic (short-nosed) breeds. Hence always take your pug out for a walk in a cool time or early morning, and give it a sufficient amount of water to drink every time. In summers, make sure a water source is nearby.

3. Indoor living is more comfortable

Pugs have a really hard time maintaining their body temperatures so they are more comfortable inside the house rather than outside to play. Since they are quite small, they are escape artists so make sure they are under someone’s supervision.

4. Weight gain is harmful

Make sure that your pug is not overweight as they are smaller in size and obesity can lead to issues like arthritis, asthma, or even heart diseases. Therefore, it is very important to keep their weight in control. Avoid giving it human foods that can cause more health concerns. Choose the appropriate dog food instead as it is the best option for your pug’s health.

5. Avoid smoke

As pugs have narrow nostrils because of brachycephalic, they often face even more than usual problems in breathing during the smoke. So, it is recommended to keep your pug away from any kind of smoke. This can cause a breathing attack or health concerns to them.

6. Regular clinical checkups

Take your pug to the vet at least once a month so that your pug can remain fit and fine throughout. De-worming is also a major concern to be taking care of your pugs on a regular basis.

7. Reverse sneezing is a problem

Generally, dogs with small snouts may start wheezing when they get excited. It will result in continuous sneezing and seems as if it is choking or is in pain. In this case, covering your pug’s nose and letting him breathe through its mouth can be an immediate relief to it.

8. Fur shedding

Though it’s not a concern but the excessive shedding of fur should be taken care of while petting pug. Sometimes, climatic allergies will lead to this major shedding of fur in dogs. Consult your vet when this happens.

9. Protection from parasites

This is one of the major concern that many dog owners face. Make sure that your garden and surroundings are clean enough so that your pug cannot catch worms like roundworms or hookworms and get infected. You can also apply some kind of anti-flea spray to your pug before they go outside.

10. Keep your pug clean:

Always clean the pug’s multi-layered skin folds to keep it healthy. Pet cleaning solutions and baby wipes are perfect to remove the dirt and infections from their skin. If you don’t have the idea on how to clean the folds of pug’s skin then you can take advise from the vet on this.

11. Take your pug on an outing

Pugs love to roam and explore new places like any other dog breeds. You can take your pug on an outing or on a simple long drive sometimes for a change. You can do a lot of fun activities with your pug to keep it healthier and active throughout. This helps in increasing their lifespan and building their stamina.

To sum up, pugs are considered to be delicate creatures so special care is always required for them. They have a usual lifespan of 12-15 years but if they are living a healthy and proper lifestyle, your little fellow can be with you for an even longer time.

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