The Best Pit Bull Diet: Tips to Feed Them Properly

The Staffordshire bull terrier and the American Staffordshire are normally referred to as pit bulls. A natural diet is always the best to feed your Pitbull from a tender age. When it becomes an adult, they lack additives and preservatives. You need to feed your Pitbull well to achieve their desired body and gain agility as they grow.

Pit Bull Diet Tips

They are prone to obesity, which leads to disorders like elbow dysplasia. This only occurs when you don’t check their diet correctly. Pitbull requires proteins in high amounts and low amounts of low-grain dog food. If well-fed with natural foods, the dogs gain healthy skin and coats.

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Nutrition Basics

A protein diet is what is of most importance when it comes to your dog’s diet. This is so because these are high-energy types of dogs. Some rich sources of proteins include fish, beef, chicken, pork, organ meats (offal), and lamb. The amino acids in the proteins play a major role in the development of your puppy’s muscles. 

Always check the protein diet’s biological value. You are feeding your dog to ensure that it is the proper one. For instance, you may feed your Pitbull with eggs as they have the highest biological value of a hundred. This means that the more biological value a meal has, the more nutritious it will be and the healthier your dog becomes.

Feeding Schedule

For puppies, make sure you feed them twice or thrice a day. Make it a habit to make sure you don’t miss out on any meal at any given time. This is to be done continually until the puppy is fully weaned. Adult pit bulls will only need to be fed once or twice a day. Always ensure there is an allowance between the meals for better digestion. 

Normalize on alternating between fish and chicken in meals if you want your pit bull to increase in size. Be extra cautious whenever you are switching meals for your puppy, as they may develop allergies. If they show allergies, seek guidance from your vet on how to go about it.

Feeding Problems

Pit bulls are fast eaters as they do not allow time for chewing. This may cause some disorders like bloating with gas, diarrhea, which are life-threatening to them. A diet with high protein and low grain will prevent bloating. Whenever you notice that your dog is eating rapidly, you rather give it two to three meals a day than a one-time meal, as this may cause harm to it. 

It is also wise to allow them to run after meals to sway the abdominal cavity. This reduces the chances of bloating in your Pitbull. Ensure that the feeding bowl is at a low level as raised bowls increase the risk of bloating.

If the pit bull shows signs of being allergic to some foods, you should switch foods for it. Give it the kinds of diets it enjoys. This happens even when you are feeding the organ meats too. Get the organ meats of the animals your dog likes having. This will prevent instances of bloating, diarrhea, or even having stomach upsets.

Diet Options

Choose a diet that is rich in protein, preferably meats. When compared to most dog food, dry food is much better as they are healthier. Dry foods also have low calories that make them good to prevent obesity in your dog. You may also choose to feed your Pitbull with raw food diets such as raw bones and meat. 

You need knowledge about how to go about the raw food diet. Ensure that the homemade diet is well balanced and complete. You may also consult your veterinarian. Let the protein take up to 70% of your dog’s diet. The raw food diet has a disadvantage in that it contains bacteria. You, therefore, should ensure that you thoroughly clean surfaces as well as the utensils and bowls.

  • Lean meat

When choosing beef, ensure you go for linear meats. Fatty beef is unhealthy for your Pitbull, as it may increase the chances of it being obese. Fish offers omega 3 and omega 6 oils, commonly known as essential oils that promote muscles’ development. When giving a diet of organ meats, ensure they are properly screened to reduce the risk of spreading infectious diseases to your dog.

  • A small portion of pork

Whenever you are feeding your Pitbull with pork, ensure you give it in small proportions. This is because pork has many unhealthy saturated fats for your dog, as they may cause obesity. Your Pitbull weight should be proportional to its age to reduce the risk of diseases and disorders.

  • Fruits and veggies 

Your Pitbull also needs to feed on fruits and veggies as they are also natural. Fruits and veggies are rich sources of fiber, and this will aid in the digestion of different kinds of foods that the pit bull will consume. 

Some of the best fruits to feed your dog include apples, berries, kiwi fruits, and pomegranates, among others. Natural vegetables include sweet potatoes, broccoli, pumpkins, parsley, and green beans, among others. 

The vitamins in these fruits help to keep your dog’s immune system strong. Your pit bull’s skin and coat will also look good and healthy upon consuming the fruits and veggies. They also make sure that your dog’s diet is well balanced, thus improving your dog’s well-being.


If you want your dog to be strong enough, feeding your pitbull with an all-natural meal is the best way to go. This is because natural food does not have additives and preservatives in artificial dog foods, making them less risky to the dog’s system. 

Always go for linear meats when taking beef as your dog food, as fatty beef is unhealthy for your Pitbull as it may increase the chances of it being obese. Make sure that in your dog’s diet, you include proteins of up to 70%. This is because proteins are rich in energy that your dog needs for growth. Grains should be as little as possible, and the fruits and veggies should thus overtake them.

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