Tips To Improve Your Pet’s Lifestyle For First Time Pet Owners

We all want our furry friends to have the best lives that they can possibly have. That goes without saying. But what does that life look like? If you are a first-time pet owner, there will be a lot of uncertainty about actually caring for your pet, which is understandable. 

pet lifestyle and you

With that in mind, we have put together this article to guide you on how to give your pet the optimal lifestyle – both for fun and for their health.

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Don’t Smother Them

It can be very tempting to give them an abundance of attention when you first bring them into your home. And while giving them attention is hugely important and goes a long way to making them feel loved, too much can be bad in the long run.

Give them space to explore their new surroundings. Let them discover that favorite spot to lounge for a nap, and if you have a Cat, let them find their litter tray on their own. 

Letting them have their own space to explore at their own pace is crucial.

Give Them An Appropriate Diet

What to feed your pet is a big thing for first-time pet owners. Everyone wants to get it right, and nobody wants their pet to be unhealthy.

The first thing to consider is your pet’s age. There will be different types of foods for different ages of pets because – just like humans – they will require different nutrients, minerals, and vitamins at different stages of life.

An old, rescued dog, for example, may benefit from raw dog food over processed food – as their bodies can break down raw food with greater ease.

A young kitten, however, will need food packed with the right stuff to promote healthy development. 

If stuck on what food you should buy for your pet, go to a qualified, certified pet nutritionist (not a vet). Bella and Duke also offer a comprehensive range of food for pets that you can check out too.

Set A Routine

This can apply to both Cats and Dogs but tends to be more of a dog thing. Animals love routine and structure. It gives them peace of mind that they know when they will get fed, when bedtime is when they get to go for walks, when playtime is, and so on.

For animals that suffer from anxiety – of any kind – this structure and routine can go a long way into helping them through their day-to-day life.

Both Cats and Dogs can benefit from a feeding routine. If you are working inconsistent hours or may miss a feeding time for whatever reason, you can hire a person to feed them – or get an automatic feeder.

Some Final Notes

Having a pet join the family for the first time is a big step, both for you and the animal. It can take some time before the animal is completely comfortable around you and with their routine – so stay vigilant and determined.

A last bit of advice; for food and diet-related queries, always seek out a pet nutritionist. For medical-related queries, always seek out a vet. 

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