Dogs Make the Best Pets – And Here’s Why

Companionship has been one of the most important needs that any human could have. It is usually other humans that can satisfy this need. After all, no man can ever survive on their own. You may have seen a situation like this in movies and literature, and what happens there is not far from the truth. Even though a lot of people would say that they can live on their own, the real essence of those words cannot be fathomed easily. We still need other humans to survive, but sometimes we tend to find replacements or an addition to their own.

Having a pet satisfies this desire to a fault. There are a lot of people who would even prefer having an animal companion rather than a human one. Some of them have psychological needs that can be disrupted by human interactions. Others just prefer the company of these animals. Still, some include them as a part of their own family. Aside from having deadly allergies, who doesn’t want to have a pet. Especially if it is a dog. Read this article to know how to deal with allergies like this.

Dogs have a long history of human interaction. It was theorized by some scientists and historians that we as humans domesticated wolves first before any other animal. This was the start of one of the longest friendships in the world. Once the wolves have understood that we are the new leaders, the domestication process began. Now, we have many breeds of dogs due to human control as well. Some of these breeding processes may have led to a lot of unfortunate offspring, but that’s how we have your purebreds and mixed now.

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to have a dog. You might be a cat person, but we bet that some puppy eyes and licks can change your mind.

Why Do You Need a Dog?

1. Fiercely Loyal

One of the best qualities that a dog can have is his or her loyalty. There is nothing else quite like it in the animal world. Cats come at a close second, but it depends on the cat anyway. With dogs, as long as you feed and treat them with care, they would be your friends for life. There is no other exception aside from that. People always say that they are afraid that these animals might go feral. Well, canines only do that if they are underfed or not being treated right. They can also be friendly to other people, even children. You have seen the videos online, and these are house-trained pets already.

2. Attentive and Easy to Teach

Another great thing about dogs is that they are easy to teach, like simple commands and tricks. People underestimate their capabilities because of the thinking that they are just animals. Well, science has already proven that these animals can be very smart. There are certain breeds like poodles and German shepherds that have an excellent understanding of commands. Some are even said to have cognitive abilities similar to a five-year-old. They will also listen to you as long as they recognize that you are the authority.

3. Helps in Promoting an Active Lifestyle

Most dogs need to exercise so that their legs would not degenerate. This is especially the case for active and sporty dogs like golden retrievers and German shepherds. They need to be out into the open at least once a day but twice is usually better. This is also a nice way for them to play with others in a wider environment. With this, you are also going to be forced to an active lifestyle as well. You need to walk your dog unless you have someone else to do it for you or pay for a dog walker. However, why would you let them if you have a pair of functioning legs? This also makes exercise so much more enjoyable.

4. Reciprocates your Care

One of the main reasons why dogs are still popular as a house pet is because of their reciprocity. As mentioned before, if you take care of them properly, they would usually return the favor. This even extends to your other family members. There are certain breeds of dogs that are much friendlier but this does not discount other breeds. On the other hand, if they are not treated in a good way, then they would show it as well. Some would end up being feral while others would develop a phobia. This can be hard to deal with, especially when they get older.

5. Psychologically Helpful

It was also mentioned before that dogs are the best when it comes to psychological care. There is just something about their unwavering loyalty and inherent intelligence that comforts other people. You might have seen some dogs getting employed in court cases so that they can bring comfort to children who will stand as witnesses. Of course, certain breeds are being used as a part of the police and other societal needs. No matter what kind of dog you have, they would always be waiting for you at home with wagging tails and hopeful eyes.

Some Additional Infos

Before you adopt or have a puppy, it is important to prepare your home for it. For one, most of these dogs will not be comfortable in unfamiliar ground. It is their survival instinct and they would either cower or fight back. However, it is your responsibility to keep them grounded and help them adjust to the new home. It might take a few weeks and there are cases that it can take up to months before they acclimatized. Just be patient, and they would be happy for it. Visit sites like to learn more.

On the other hand, you might want to ask about what breed would be the best. The answer is rather complicated. It would depend on what you need as a person or family. If you have children, it is also vital to communicate to them that there would be another being in their home. There are certain classes of dogs based upon their breed and what is it for. You need to read more about specific breeds if you want them since each of them has varying needs.

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