Kayaking With Dog | How to Prepare Your Dog for Kayaking

Kayaking with your dog can be a thrilling experience, blending the serenity of nature with the joy of your pet’s company. However, before you hit the water with your furry companion, it’s crucial to ensure both you and your dog are adequately prepared for the adventure. This guide will help you make sure your kayaking trip is safe, enjoyable, and memorable for both of you.

Why Kayak With Your Dog?

Before diving into the preparations, let’s explore why kayaking with your dog can be such a rewarding activity. For starters, it strengthens the bond between you and your pet. Sharing new experiences and overcoming challenges together enhances your relationship. Plus, the exercise is beneficial for both of you, providing a unique way to stay active and enjoy the great outdoors.

Preparing Your Dog for Kayaking

1. Assess Your Dog’s Temperament and Physical Condition

Not all dogs are natural-born kayakers. Before embarking on this adventure, evaluate your dog’s temperament. Does your dog enjoy water? Is your dog comfortable in small spaces and able to remain calm in new situations? Additionally, consider your dog’s physical condition. Kayaking requires a certain level of fitness, so ensure your dog is healthy and capable of enduring the physical demands of the trip.

2. Introduce Your Dog to the Kayak

Start by familiarizing your dog with the kayak on dry land. Let your dog sniff and explore the kayak, rewarding calm behavior with treats and praise. Gradually encourage your dog to sit in the kayak, making the experience positive and stress-free. This step is crucial in helping your dog feel comfortable and safe in the kayak environment.

3. Invest in a Canine Life Jacket

Safety should be your top priority. Regardless of how well your dog can swim, a canine life jacket is essential. It provides buoyancy and makes it easier to spot and rescue your dog if they fall overboard. Choose a life jacket with a handle on the back, allowing you to easily lift your dog out of the water if necessary.

4. Practice Basic Commands

Basic obedience commands such as “sit,” “stay,” and “come” are vital when kayaking with your dog. These commands can help keep your dog calm and prevent them from jumping out of the kayak. Practice these commands in various settings to ensure your dog responds reliably.

5. Plan Short, Practice Trips

Before embarking on a longer journey, take your dog on short, practice trips. Start with calm, shallow waters to allow your dog to acclimate to the sensation of being on the water. Gradually increase the duration and complexity of your trips as your dog becomes more comfortable.

6. Pack the Essentials

Prepare a dog-specific gear bag for your kayaking trip. Essentials include:

  • Water and Bowl: Keep your dog hydrated with fresh water.
  • Treats and Food: Bring enough treats and food for the duration of the trip.
  • Leash and Harness: A leash and harness are essential for securing your dog during breaks.
  • First Aid Kit: Include a basic first aid kit for both you and your dog.
  • Sunscreen: Yes, dogs can get sunburned! Apply a pet-safe sunscreen to areas with less fur, like the nose and ears.

During the Trip

Monitor Your Dog’s Behavior

While on the water, keep a close eye on your dog’s behavior. Look for signs of stress or discomfort, such as excessive panting, whining, or restlessness. If your dog appears anxious, take a break and allow them to relax onshore.

Take Frequent Breaks

Allow your dog to stretch their legs and relieve themselves by taking regular breaks. Use these opportunities to hydrate, offer treats, and provide some playtime to keep your dog happy and comfortable.

Enjoy the Experience

Remember, kayaking with your dog is meant to be fun and enjoyable. Take time to soak in the surroundings and appreciate the moment with your furry friend. Capture the memories with photos, but also ensure you’re fully present in the experience.


Kayaking with your dog can be a wonderful way to explore nature and strengthen the bond with your pet. By taking the time to properly prepare and prioritize safety, you can create lasting memories and enjoy countless adventures on the water. So, grab your paddle, secure your dog’s life jacket, and embark on an unforgettable kayaking journey with your loyal companion. Happy paddling!

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  1. Hey, I just read your article and you made some really great points there. I especially liked your take on starting simple and the dog’s swimming training. It reminded me of my early days kayaking!!

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