How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

There are few more exciting moments in life than bringing your new puppy home, but those little fluffballs can be destructive! Be sure to spend time getting your house ready for your new arrival to protect both your home and your pooch. These tips will ensure you can enjoy your first days with your puppy, knowing they are safe from potential harm.

How to Puppy-Proof Your Home

Cover Cables

Puppies are attracted to cables and wires in the same way magnets are attracted to metal. Ensure wires are out of reach of your new pet, boxing them in if possible, so your puppy doesn’t know they’re there. Place furniture strategically to block sockets. It can be helpful to get down on the floor to see things from puppy level so you can avert potential dangers.

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Guard Fires

If you have a fire, be sure to protect your puppy by fitting a fire guard. Also, be aware of any naked flames such as candles which can be a fire hazard with a bouncy pup knocking into tables and excitedly wagging its tail. Battery-operated candles are a safer alternative.

Be Plant Aware

House plants and flowers are popular ways to make a house feel homely, but did you know some of our favorites are poisonous to dogs? Carefully research which plants your new puppy is safe to be around and keep any flora out of reach – even non-toxic plants can cause your puppy to be sick if ingested. It is far better to be safe than sorry.

Move Valuables Out of Reach

Puppies are naturally full of energy – it’s part of what makes them so cute – but this does mean there can be breakages. Move any valuable items out of reach of your puppy, and remember it is natural that they will want to chew – it can be worth buying cheap cushions and throws to use in the room where your puppy will spend most of their time to save your favorites.

Puppy Pens or Crates

Whether you decide to crate train your puppy or not, it can be beneficial to have a safe space you can put your pooch, as it is impossible to keep watch over them 24/7. Make their space a danger-free zone by keeping it away from any wires, outlets, or heaters, and keep it inviting by providing your puppy with blankets, toys, and treats. You’ll be thankful you prepared a space you can leave your pup for a short time so you can cook dinner or take a bathroom trip!

Just In Case…

It can be worth taking out cover to protect your personal property from pet damage. Knowing you can claim for damage to flooring, furniture, or other items can give you peace of mind leaving you free to bond with your new arrival.

Now you are aware you are providing a safe, well-prepared house, you can rest assured your bundle of joy will soon settle into your family. Enjoy the magic of bringing your puppy home, and don’t forget to take plenty of photos – they really do grow up too fast!

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