How To Make Sure Your Dog Is Always Safe

Dogs are a lot like children and require a lot of care. They need to be fed a nutritious diet, taken on walks for exercise and socialization, and given a safe space in which to live. One of the most important things that you can do to keep your dog safe is to make sure that they always wear a collar with identification tags.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Always Safe

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Build A Fence

Dogs like to run around and will be drawn to a number of things they see running towards them without control. You probably, like most people, keep your dog in your yard, so building a fence is a great way to keep your dog safe. They will protect the property and allow you to enjoy having a pet without worrying about issues outside of their control.

Building a fence is not an easy task; however, it’s one that needs to be done in order for a pet owner to sleep at night knowing they are doing everything possible to make sure their animal is always safe. It will protect your pet from people poisoning them, running to the street and attacking someone without a cause, running on the road and getting hit by a car, etc. You won’t have to keep the pooch tied or in a box during the day or a small yard anymore; they can have a lot of fun while staying safe.

Inject It With A Microchip

Microchipping your dog is a great way to ensure that it will always be protected. When a dog’s microchip is scanned and their registered information matches what a vet or shelter has on file, the pet parent can be located immediately. A lot of people do not realize just how important this process actually is until they need to find their beloved pup! Here are some tips for making sure your furry friend stays safe with a microchip:

  • Make sure you update all records if you ever change addresses 
  • Keep contact info updated
  • Always keep someone else informed about where your dog lives and a general idea of how to find it
  • Be sure that your dog wears tags at all times, even when they are indoors
  • Make sure you have a plan in place if your pup goes missing

The more effort put into protecting a pet through using a microchip, the less likely something bad could potentially occur. Scanning each pet at a shelter or a vet’s office is also a great way to make sure that no dogs get lost and end up in a bad situation.

Keep Your Dog On A Leash When In Public

Dogs are very impulsive, so whenever you’re in public, make sure to keep a dog on a leash. A leashed dog is a safe and controlled environment for the owner and other people in public, as well as your pet itself. This will make it so that you can control when they’re away from home or inside of a building if necessary. The last thing anyone wants is an uncontrolled animal running around.

When in public, they can either hurt someone or get hurt if they start running after a squirrel, cats, toys, cars, or other dogs. Them being controlled in this situation is good for both you and them. 

Train Them, So They Listen To You At All Times

A well-trained dog is a happy and safe dog. It’s important to do this so that they listen to their owners at all times, whether it be in the home or outside of the house. This way, a dog is always safe and knows what behavior is expected from them. Training a dog isn’t difficult. There are great resources online that can show you how to effectively train a pup.

To successfully train a dog, it’s important to establish a good relationship with them. This can be accomplished by spending some time every day just playing and bonding together. Also, it is extremely helpful to set rules for a pup so that they know what behavior is expected of them. Dogs are a lot like children, so it’s important to be a strong but kind leader. Teaching a pup what is expected of them will make training much easier once the rules have been set in stone.

Once a dog has learned all of its commands and understands how to behave around humans, it can become an even better family member than before because it’ll know when behaviour isn’t acceptable. 

They will behave both at home and in public, and you won’t have to yell after them. Call them once and tell them what to do, and they’ll listen. There won’t be unnecessary damage done if you’re persistent with the training. 

Clean Your Yard From All Poisonous Plants

Dogs will put everything into their mouth, so make sure to clean your yard from all poisonous plants. This means a lot of things, including not growing any in the first place or keeping what you have cut back and away from a dog’s reach.

Be aware that it is difficult for a person to tell whether a plant is poisonous by simply looking at it. There are many non-poisonous plants that a dog may try to eat due to a similar appearance. Thus, a list of poisonous and non-poisonous plants is a good place to start when determining what should remain in your yard or be removed from it.

If you have a young puppy, make sure not to plant anything toxic until the pup is at least six months old, as its digestive system will not yet be fully developed nor able to process such substances. It’s best for dogs if their yards are completely free of any potentially harmful materials.

Vaccinate Your Dog

Keeping the vaccines up to date with your dog will ensure there are no diseases that can be a threat. It is very important to ensure a safe environment for the dog and your family. There are several vaccines that need to be updated depending on whether or not you want a more protective vaccine. Get them to the vet whenever it’s time for a shot so that they are safe from rabies and a number of other dangerous illnesses. 

A dog is your best friend, and its safety is a top priority. A fence around your home will make sure nothing from outside will hurt them, and keeping them on a leash outside will make sure they cannot run around when it’s dangerous. Microchip them so that people can trace you down and bring them back and train them, so they don’t run away or cause trouble with other animals and people. Make sure your home environment is clear of anything poisonous and vaccinate them to keep them healthy. Your pooch will be happy and healthy for a long time!

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