5 Reasons Why Your Pet Dog Ignores Your Commands Now and Then

One of the common concerns of pet parents is that when your furry friend starts ignoring your commands. You have no idea why your pup is behaving so and not listening to what you say. You have seen your dog running or playing around the house, listening to what you say, and obeying your commands, but of late, things have changed for your canine companion. You are at a loss to understand why! 

According to an article published in Pet MD, your dog may run away whenever you call him because you scolded or punished him on some occasion. There are several are reasons like this, and therefore, as pet parents, you need to take care of your Fido. Remember that your pet might feel unhappy in the environment it stays in or sad about the way your family treats the dog. Here are five reasons why your dog is ignoring your commands: 

1. You are too talkative

If you are too talkative, your dog may avoid you because family and friends might listen to your every word, but not your four-legged friend. It is as simple as that. Pets have their natural language but lack words. They often communicate with pet parents using their tails, ears, and eyes. Therefore, their instinct is to watch you and not to hold on to your every word. When you talk too much, it is noise to your pet dog. 

For instance, if you tell your puppy to do something three times and ignore you most of the time, stop giving your pet commands. It would be best if you made your words effective on your pet as far as dog training is concerned. 

2. The dog treats are lame

Cheerios, veggies, stale or bland biscuits, and even traditional pet food could motivate pets to follow your commands when they are hungry. Then, many of these treats will fail to motive your pup, and he will take more time to chew. Most dogs will listen to if you give them delicious treats that are soft, small, as well as easily broken. Remember, your Fid should value the treat and consume it without much effort. 

Training your dog becomes challenging when he takes a long time to chew the treat or swallow it. When your dog can eat his treat quickly, he is happy to listen to your commands. Try to train your furry companion with different types of treats to find out which of them work best for him. 

If a dog is not interested in food, train him with happy talking or praising. Again, if your Fido is satisfied with toys, reward him with some ball or game of fetch. Some dog breeds love the company of other pets. In such a case, bring another puppy into the house. You can become a good pet trainer if your dog treats or rewards are more than the interruption. 

3. You train your dog at his play area

It is one of the greatest blunders pet parents do, training their dogs in playgrounds, parks, running routes, lazy areas, and things like that. Therefore, if you wonder why your dog is ignoring your commands, the possible reasons are the distractions in these play areas. Train your dog at home if you want his attention and obedience. Parks and gardens are not the right places to train your Fido.

You need to include distractions gradually and make sure the dog’s behavior is dependable surrounding things that he finds enthralling. The way you communicate with your pet should be more mesmerizing than the distractions in the surroundings. Make sure you train your pet in a more or less boring place. The surroundings must not excite your furry friend, which matters when it comes to dog training. 

Add some distractions when your pet listens to your commands, like sit or stand when you make some eye contact. Train your pet in low-distraction places in your yard or driveway, or parking lot. You can even train your pup on the sidewalk of your property. Train in these areas and when there is less noise or distraction. Early mornings or late evenings are the best time to train your furry friend. 

4. You yell at your dog or lose your cool

The worst part of dog training is yelling at him or losing your temper. Physical correction might prove worse, and therefore, you need to avoid such things. Some pet parents kick their dogs, and any such behavior requires the intervention of animal control. Anger or abuse makes pets introverts, or they shy away, never listening to what you say. Dogs subjected to harsh behavior often turn stubborn and ignore even simple commands. Some breeds become aggressive and attack pet parents. Therefore, losing your cool, physical, or yelling will not make your pup happy and obedient. 

Like kids, pets connect to people who care for them and make them happy. Remember, animals have feelings, and they can reason. Shower your love to your puppy with treats or toys, and he will love you back a thousand times more. 

5. Treating your dog like a king

How can you possibly expect your furry friend to be obedient when you are showering him with all his comforts and needs? In simple words, do not spoil him as if he is the king of the house. Shower your affection but not give him VIP treatment to make him obedient. Meet his needs but do not do anything unnecessary and cross the line to get your pet’s attention. Love him, care for him, take him for a walk in the morning, and feed him. These things are natural. Then, do not pamper him more when he keeps barking all day. Scold him mildly and teach him to stay quiet. Motivate your pet by keeping a tab on his resources and all things he loves. 


Now that you know why your dog chooses to ignore you, it will become easier to train him. Love your pet, feed him, and care for him but without spoiling him. It is great to have pets around the house when you know how to train them. 

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