How Can Dogs Benefit From Organic Cbd Oils

Dogs are our true best friends. They have been our best friends for centuries. One of the worst things about pet ownership is to see your beloved dog suffer from pains. To helplessly watch them experience pain is heartbreaking and distressing. 

Whether it is from epilepsy or cancer or age related mobility issues or arthritis, dogs can suffer from conditions with chronic pain to acute pain. Pharmaceutical pain remedies are not always ideal as it may interfere with their other medications, or worse can be hard on their little liver and kidneys.

If you have ever had to care for a dog with pain, you may want to look into organic CBD oils for pain relief for your dogs.

What Do We Know About Cannabis Oil?

CBD oil is cannabidiol and is an organic oil extracted from the hemp plant – yes the same plant that produces weed.  Unlike weed, CBD does not contain any psychoactive chemicals like THC. This means using CBD will never give you a psychoactive high. CBD oils have been used for medicinal purposes for decades. They are known for therapeutic effects like lowering anxiety, calming nerves. CBD oils can also reduce pain and reduce seizures.

We all have cell signalling systems that work in our ability to manage pain. Cell signalling system is called the cannabinoid system (ECS). Research suggests that CBD chemicals interact with the ECS system and releases receptors – protein chemicals that receive pain signals from your nervous system. These receptors then send signals to your cells to respond to pain – responses like anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects.

This is why CBD oils have been used as effective pain relievers for pains from cancers, arthritis, and surgery healing. This interaction also helps in managing neurological and nervous system related issues like seizures and anxiety.

Much like humans, dogs and cats also have endocannabinoid system (ECS). So, CBD can be just as beneficial for pets. Some argue that this natural ingredient is far better than man-made pharmaceuticals which can be harmful for dog vital organs like their kidneys, bladder or liver.

Here Are Some Ways Cbd Oil Can Help Your Dog:

1. Reduce anxiety: Separation anxiety is a serious issue for dogs. Also nervousness can lead to barking and other destructive behaviour. Some dogs and dog breeds are known to be more nervous and anxious than others – like the Chihuahua for example. CBD oils can help calm those nerves and have a soothing effect on your dog

2. Pain management: Whether chronic or acute, the interaction with the ECS system and release of receptor signals can do wonders in reducing the feeling of pain.

3. Arthritis and inflammation: The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and its effects on the receptor signals are beneficial in managing arthritis and inflammation.

4. Seizures: Another neurological or nervous system response system that CBD can help reduce.

5. Digestion problems: Some CBD oils are known to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Picking The Right Cbd Product

Picking the right product for your dogs is essential. From foods to treats to yes even the right CBD oil for dogs.  Quality of CBD oil are determined by the following:

  • Organic: ensure the CBD oil is being extracted from hemp plants grown organically. This means they were grown without the use of pesticides or any toxins.
  • Extraction process: ensure the CBD oil is being extracted safely without the use of harmful chemicals. Using carbon dioxide or cold pressing are the safest extraction mechanisms. Other methods use harmful toxic substances like butane or propane to separate the THC from the oil. This can leave residues that are harmful for your pet. So pick a cold-pressed CBD oil to be safe
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA): It is common practice in the marijuana industry to include certificate of analysis through independent testing. Look for brands who are confident to get their products be tested independently and have an authenticated Certificate of Analysis (COA).
  • THC levels: Some CBD oils contain some levels of THC. Even after seperating THC from oils, there will be residual THC level. Anything less than 0.3% is a safe trace of THC in CBD. Be sure to pick the lowest THC level.

Before you consider using CBD oils you should keep a few tips in mind. Here is a good site for CBD oil for your dog. 

Tips For Cbd Oils For Your Dog

  1. Vet Check: Always consult your veterinarian or even the holistic vet before you consider CBD as an option. They will be the best people to give you advice on dosage or use of CBD.
  2. Dosage: It is important to research the best dosage for your dog. You should start with a very low dose to watch your dog’s reaction. A small dosage of 0.25 mg once a day could be a good start. Be sure to be mindful of overdose symptoms like vomiting and lethargy. So, always, consult your doctor.
  3. Size and weight: It is important to cross reference dosage based on dog’s size. Their weight and their size affects the way they will metabolize CBD. So, keep this size chart in mind
  4. Age and ability to metabolize: Like other medication, it is important to research how CBD will be compatible with your dog based on his age and ability to metabolize. Pre-existing liver and kidney conditions would affect how your dog will metabolize CBD. So, be sure to consider this factor
  5. THC & CBD quality and potency: It will be very important to know how potent CBD is in the product you choose. Also pick a product with a very low potency of residual THC in your dog’s CBD oil. Of course, make sure you pick a high quality organic and cold pressed product

CBD oil can be a miracle solution for your dog’s chronic pain or neurological disorders like seizures. CBD can be more effective than pharmaceuticals with lower side effects since it is a natural plant oil.  We all want our dogs to have the best quality of life they can enjoy even with their health conditions. So, consult your veterinarian to see if CBD oil is the remedy your dog needs. 

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