Holiday Season Dog Care Tips To Keep Your Pet Safe & Happy

The holiday season will be here sooner than you imagine, and you can expect to have loads of work to do. The pandemic is still around, and at-home celebrations are on the cards.

holiday pet safety tips
Holiday pet safety tips

It is a good idea to plan your parties, prepare guest lists, and check your decor inventory right now. Even as you do it, the last-moment hassles will keep you occupied. You are most likely to forget dog care amid the stress and workload. But it is crucial to include dog care into your holiday plans to keep the pet safe and happy. Follow these simple tips, and you can stay a step ahead of dog care. 

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Get A Vet Check Before The Festivities

Holidays are not a valid reason to skip on the vet schedule. Your furry companion needs regular health checks at this time of the year too. More importantly, a vaccine may be due and must be given on time. It makes sense to get a vet check before the festivities start and you get too busy. Discuss the specific health issues and ask questions about the problems the dog may face in winter. 

Keep Decorations Out Of Reach

Holiday decor makes your home appear festive, but it can get risky for your canine companion. You will have the Christmas tree and seasonal plants indoors, and there are good chances the pet will try to taste them. Keep an eye on the animal and ensure that decor elements are out of reach. You can block the ones that cannot be put out of reach. Be extra careful about electrical cords and wires and candles as well.

Beware Holiday Sweets

Sweets are for your guests, not pets. You may want to feed the animal out of your plate, but some foods can be toxic for dogs. You can check these Dog care tips & guide by to get an idea about a safe diet for canines. Always keep sweets out of reach, and never use them as rewards. Stock up on dog treats instead. Educate the younger members of the family to use them instead of cakes and cookies.  

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Consider Gift Wrapping As A Hazard 

Apart from holiday decor and sweets, gift wrapping can also pose a risk to your furry friend. You can expect the pet to be excited when it sees colorful gift wraps, ribbons, and bags. But make sure they do not chew or swallow anything as these items can cause an upset stomach. Be extra careful about strings and ribbons as they can cause choking hazards. Keep them out of sight and reach. 

Stay On Schedule

Besides avoiding holiday hazards, it is vital to stay on schedule with pet care. A disruption can make the pet cranky and anxious. Do not leave it alone for long hours as it can lead to separation anxiety, which is the last thing you will want to handle in the happy season. Feed, bathe and groom your pet on time because it deserves as much attention as everything else. Remember to take it out for regular walks too. 

Dog care is a year-round job, but it becomes even more essential in the holiday season. A happy pet makes things easier, and the festivities get more enjoyable for your family and guests. 

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