Top 8 Doggy Daycare & Boarding in Melbourne

Things are slowly picking up the pace after the pandemic, and many of you are planning to take a short vacation to unwind. Many factors need to be considered now while preparing for the holiday. Especially if you plan to go a bit of a distance, it won’t always be possible to take your dog with you.

This, however, does not mean that your dog can’t have a relaxing holiday too. Here is a list of daycares and boardings where your dog will be well taken care of while you enjoy your vacation. We have prepared a list of the best doggy daycare Melbourne. You can choose one from this list and go on your holiday without having to worry about your dog’s accommodation. 

1. Dog Spot Motel

Standard kennels can be a stressful experience for your Pet; that is why Dog Spot Motel has suites instead of kennels for your dog. They ensure that your dog feels right at home in their brand new facility. The beautiful grounds have plenty of area for your fog to explore and have a great time in. 

The Dog Spot Motel is open seven days a week and has experienced groomers who ensure your dog’s health by keeping it well maintained. Training lessons are provided to your dog to keep it well occupied, and friendly groomers will clip their nails and clean their ears as well.

2. Pampered Paws Pet Spa

Pampered Paws Pet Spa is owned by veterans and is operated by a family who has a specialty in providing the best quality grooming, boarding, and bathing services. The staff is well experienced in providing a relaxing and comfortable environment for your dog. Your dog is going to look its best as the most premium products are used to pamper them.

They will also provide care to reduce your dog’s stress, skin, and coat issues by utilizing homeopathic remedies. Nail cutting, ear cleaning, quality shampoo and conditioners, anal expression, and pet condition spraying are some of the services they provide in their baths. 

If you choose their full groom package, you will get brush out, shaving, bathing, drying, scissoring, and nail trimming. You can get the pet baths for an additional fee.

The pet hotel has Gator Kennel Runs, outdoor artificial grass, and a spacious, cozy room for your dog. Dental chews and treats, as well as potty breaks, artificial outdoor turf run, and 40 minutes of playtime with a human companion, are included in the price.

3. Mr. Woofles Dog Day Care & Boarding

If you are concerned about your dog’s overall well being and individual happiness, then you can choose Mr.Woofles Dog Daycare & Boarding. They have expert care and a nurturing, fun and safe environment that ensures your dog has the best time. They offer excellent one on one pampering and cuddles as well as positive reinforcement activities to your dog.

Your dog’s grooming needs are also well taken care of if you make an appointment in their doggy spa. The puppy daycare has a 6-week solicitation program where your dog can learn good play etiquette and socialize with other dogs. The facility is architecturally designed to meet your dog’s comfort and safety needs and is located in Richmond Melbourne.

4. K9 Kampus

K9 Kampus is the largest facility in Brevard, featuring a cage-free indoor boarding facility. All-day play is included with no hidden fees, and there are no extra charges for medications and feedings. You can pick your dog up after hours as well for a fee, and pick-up and drop-off times are conveniently available seven days a week. 

The pool and the Lure/Chase course is available for the boarding and daycare clients. On the weekends, K9 Kampus offers Pool Parties and Lure/Chase Events. Playdates, professional grooming, and daycare are provided and training classes on basic intermediate and advanced agility, basic and advanced obedience, flyball tracking, and puppy kindergarten. The indoor facility is huge, protecting your dog from the Florida heat, humidity, and dirt.  

5. Preppy Pet Melbourne

Preppy Pet has the option of customizing the stay of your pet to meet your requirements and keep it within your budget. All dogs are different and they have different needs. So Preppy Pet has customized dog stay facilities to include the requirements of your dog, making its stay truly happy and comfortable. Spa treatment and pet grooming are also available.

You can choose from a few overnight boarding stay options, taking private play with or without a group. Up to 5 outdoor walks are included and you can provide treats and food for your dog. There is a climate-controlled indoor play option where your Pet can play with other pets at a discounted rate. Pet cams are available so you can watch your Pet during the scheduled group play.

6. That Pet Sitter Girl

Kim is an animal lover and sits furry pets and is experienced in providing professional and reliable care to enrich your Pet’s life. She will study your Pet’s routine and use that to prepare the details of your dog’s experience with her. Her dog sitting visits include taking your dog out for a walk, replenishing the water bowls, administering any medication, cleaning up the mess, and other household requests.

She provides overnight sittings for your pets when you are going out of town. This is more beneficial as it allows your Pet to stick to its normal routine, sleep in their own beds, and play with their own toys. You can also keep your home safe when you are getting someone to stay over when you are not there. You are not required to schedule a drop-off or a pick-up. So hit her up if you are living in Melbourne and need a reliable pet sitter.

7. Pineapple Pets

If you want to go away on a business trip or a vacation, you won’t need to worry about your furry friend. Pineapple pets are there to take care of your Pet while you are away. They can offer a mid-day walk for your dog if you are busy, or even schedule potty breaks during the day when you are away at work.

Your dog will be visited at least 2-3 times per day and ensure that the daily routine is maintained. You can also escape the regular kennels and boarding by choosing their licensed and bonded staff member who will stay at your house to accompany your dog for 10 hours overnight. This way their morning, evening, and sleeping schedules are ensured.

8. Sunset Grooming & Boarding

When you are looking for a secured pet boarding and professional pet grooming, then Sunset Grooming & Boarding can be the way to go. They provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pets, as well as nail clipping and hair trimming.

Is your hectic schedule keeping you from taking care of the basic proper attention that your Pet requires? Sunset Grooming and Boarding will take care of your Pet when you are called away on business or work. They offer essential grooming facilities such as pet bathing, exercise, nail clipping, and flea and tip dicks.


I hope you are able to find the perfect vacation spot for your dog from our list. Now you can be assured and head on to your vacation and be at peace knowing that your furry buddy is well taken care of.

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