American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free is a U.S based dry dog food sourced from the most trusted American and global suppliers. American journey indulges your dogs with a quality meal with the love of a dog owner towards them. Compact with nutrients that fit every type of dog out there, large, small, young, and senior dogs.

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe

American Journey brings high-quality ingredients like delicious sweet potatoes that have a hefty dose of dietary fiber. Concentrated source of omega-3 fatty acid like the deboned salmon, salmon oil and flaxseed, for mental and ocular development. Chickpeas contain plenty of fiber and vitamins to keep the dog going and avoid heart issues. 

Chicken meal and turkey meal are added for the dense amount of proteins and the added flavor that the dog wants. A vast range of fruits and vegetable mix of dried kelp for minerals, blueberries, and carrots for vitamins. Many allergenic ingredients like grain and corn are also excluded.

Why do we Recommend American Journey Salmon and Sweet Potato Recipe?

Dogs are very delicate beings when it comes to food, some may be fussy if the taste is not up to par even with the right amount of nutrient values. But American Journey does its utmost to appeal to the broadest range of dogs out there. Flavor-wise American Journey hits it out of the field with very high-quality healthy ingredients to satisfy the dog’s palates. 

These ingredients are rich in benefits that increase the quality of life of your dog and induce the healthy nature to take hold of your dog keeping it in its prime for the better parts of its years. 

American journey is very health conscious; they avoid adding allergenic ingredients like say, corn, grain, and wheat to keep your dog safe. It is ethically produced by hard-working Americans and their trusted partners globally to keep you tension free of any mal-practices.

American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food
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Read the ingredients list in detail in the ingredient review section below for further inquiry about it.

Ingredient Review

For any type of food, ingredients matter a lot. Not just for the taste and quality but also the added benefits or any harmful effect any single ingredient or chemical may induce on your dogs especially. So its best to always go to a vet and find out the quirks and the weaknesses of your dog or its genetic diseases before feeding it anything. 

And learning about the ingredients in detail will help out a lot in figuring out what is the compatible diet for the dog.

Meats and Meat-based Ingredients:

Deboned Salmon and Salmon oil

Salmon as pet food is usually considered as a very high quality, and on top American journey goes a step further by deboning it for your dog’s fancy experience with food. Filled with omega-3 fatty acids for the development of the dog’s brains and eyesight. It is super beneficial for the senior and puppies alike, who are at the most vulnerable stages of their lives.

 And they also keep the coat and skin of the dogs very healthy. Salmon oil is concentrated with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids which helps the immune system and the brain’s functionality.

Chicken Meal and Chicken Fat

Chicken meal is a dense source of proteins which is used to boost the immune system and muscle growth. Filled with glucosamine which helps the dog’s cartilage and joints to be stronger. As well as giving more energy to your dog. It is usually made from rendered chicken skin, clean flesh sometimes bone, or fat to give to most out of the meal. 

Chicken fat is used to give the necessary amount of fats to keep the dog active for longer periods and has Omega-6 fatty acids as well as Linoleic acid for the added flavor and healthiness.

Turkey Meal

Turkey meal is also rendered meat just like the chicken in the same process but it contains more dark meat and chuck full of vitamins and minerals to help your dog. Iron is abundant in turkey meat giving your dog a necessary boost to the production of blood cells to carry oxygen in the body. It helps avoid any iron deficiency. 

Cobalamin is sparingly available in turkey which can help avoid cobalamin deficiency which causes gastrointestinal diseases on dogs who lack it in their diet. As well as vitamin B-6, that is very important for dogs to generate glucose and control the hormones and immune systems response as well as other benefits. Other minor minerals and vitamins are magnesium and vitamin-D that are also available.

Menhaden Fish Meal

It is a meal made up of tissues of small fishes and marine animals that are cleaned and dried and grounded. This provides the dog with an ample amount of fatty acids and amino acids to boost the metabolic activities, bone structure/health, immunity, digestion, skin, and hair coats shiny.

Vegetables and Plant-based Ingredients:

Sweet potato

Sweet potato is a good source of dietary fiber, many vitamins such as vitamins A.B and C. It also includes Beta carotene which helps converts to vitamin A that helps the vision, cell functions, bone, teeth development, and healthier skin.


Peas contain a boatload of minerals like magnesium, zinc, potassium, and iron. Potassium is the most occurring mineral in a dog’s body and helps with maintaining organs and their functionality. It helps in developing brain functions and boost them. It enhances the muscles and bone’s health. It gives better metabolic strength. Magnesium is used to maintain muscle health and usability and improve it. 

An organ like the heart has better functionality and keeps it in a healthier condition. Iron for blood production. Zinc also boosts the immune system, it helps the enzymes, hormones, and proteins to work. Vitamins A, k, and B are also found in peas as well as anti-oxidants which is beneficial for heart, eye, and skin health.


Chickpeas have plenty of fiber to help the dog’s digestive functionality. Vitamins A, B, and C. Minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and other minerals that are vital to the dog’s bodily needs. But can be allergenic to some sensitive dogs.

Dried kelp

Dried kelp is a source of abundant amino acids, minerals such as iodine and iron. Iodine helps to control the activity of the hormone-producing organs in the body as well as helping the rate of metabolism. The amino acids help in the cellular division and repair of tissues in the body of the dog. Fiber is also present aiding digestion.


Carrots are well known to have vitamin A that keeps our eyesight healthy usually in the form of beta carotene. It also has a lot of fiber for digestion aid. Vitamin K1 is used to help blood coagulate in cases of internal or external injury and development of the bone. B-6, as well as biotin (Vitamin H in the past), helps with metabolism. Potassium is also present to aid the brain function in a better condition as well as other added benefits.

Dried Beet Pulp

Dried beet pulp is a great source of fiber and aid in the digestion of the dog and keeps the colon healthier while fixing the issues of many dogs with runny poop.

Rosemary Extract

Rosemary extract is an antioxidant and a form of preservative that aids the dogs to get rid of some waste in the body and is potentially thought as an anti-cancer product.

Yucca Schidigera Extract

It is used to remove foul and waste odor from the dog’s food very effectively as much as 26% of the odor.


Flaxseed is a concentrated source of Omega-3and Omega-6 fatty acids for brain development and alpha-linolenic acid to counteract inflammation.


Blueberries have Vitamin-C a great antioxidant that helps to keep the aging dog brain to be less damaged by time. It also contains fiber for its digestive tract to be healthy. And some other natural chemicals that are produced by blueberries and other plants called phytochemicals.

Chemical/Supplement/Mineral-based Ingredients

Dried Bacillus Coagulans Fermentation Product

This is a micro-organism that helps the digestive function of a dog.


The non-digestible, low-calorie carbohydrates called oligosaccharides that aid in flourishing the bacteria that help the dog digest food. Increase immunity and keep the bones healthier while adding textured flavor to the food.

Vitamin E Supplement

Gives the necessary amount of Vitamin-E much needed by the dog. Metabolism and cell workability depend on this vitamin. As well as keeping the eyes and muscles from degenerating.

Niacin/Vitamin-B3 Supplement

Vitamin-B3 is vital to breaking down fats in the dog’s body when it needs energy and also is used to keep the dogs from being obese.

Vitamin A Supplement

This vitamin is needed to help improve the immune system, growth, reproduction, and fetal development in a dog’s body.

Vitamin B12/Cobalamin Supplement

This vitamin is a necessity for a healthy, productive brain and nervous system. It also keeps the intestine healthy for the dog’s digestion and development of blood cells and their growth. This also keeps the enzymes working.

Vitamin D3 Supplement

It helps in the development of bones and muscles of the dog by balancing calcium and phosphorus in its body.

Riboflavin/Vitamin B2 Supplement

This helps the skin of your dog to be healthy as well as breaking down fat to give energy to the dog. Just like vitamin B12 this also helps enzymes function.

Choline Chloride

This helps the dog’s cells to metabolize and the nerve cell to send signals and communicate properly throughout the nervous system.


Taurine helps the heart muscles to function properly as well as the sight of the dog to be maintained properly. The immune system also depends on it and many other systems in the dog’s body

Mixed Tocopherols

This is a source of vitamin E and also preservatives to keep the food long-lasting.

Ferrous Sulfate

It is a supplement that is a source of iron for the dog to help to make blood cells.

Zinc Sulfate

It helps to metabolize proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. As well as boost the immune system.

Copper Sulfate

It controls the fungal growth and bacterial growth in the food and to maintain the copper amount and equilibrium in the body of the dog.

Potassium Chloride

This helps the dog’s muscles and nerves to function properly. As well as keeping the balance of fluid in the dog’s body.

Sodium Selenite

It helps to maintain all cells to function properly in the dog’s body.

D-Calcium Pantothenate/Vitamin B5

It has plenty of uses from helping neurotransmitter to be produced, helps the intestine to function properly, for metabolizing macronutrients and also treat anxiety in dogs.

Manganese Sulfate and Manganese Proteinate

It helps in absorbing carbohydrates, activating proteins, and is abundant with antioxidants.

Thiamine Mononitrate/Vitamin B1

It helps the metabolization in the dog’s body. And helps communications between nerves.

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride

It has a vital role in developing and building muscles, hair, nails, hormones, and enzymes.

Calcium Iodate

It helps in maintaining thyroid production in the body of the dog.

Folic Acid/Vitamin B9

It helps to synthesize DNA and reproduction of cells, especially in pregnant animals to develop a healthy fetus.


3,740 kcal/kg, 390 kcal/cup according to the packaging.

What Kind of Dogs is American Journey Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Good for?

Dogs of every shape, size, and age group are compatible with this dog food which makes it universal. And any allergenic reaction to this food recipe by a dog is rare, But be sure to read the ingredient list just in case.

What Other Reviewers are Saying

Chewy – gave this formula 4.5 stars and satisfied almost all customers.

Petsmart – gave this formula a whopping 5 stars

Petfoodreviewer – gave this formula 8 out of ten for both ingredient and nutrition values separately

Our Conclusion and Rating

Overall, this is a great dog food jam-packed with flavor and nutrients a dog would ever need in a meal. The ingredients are high quality and are super beneficial for dogs of any type. Although with the presence of chickpeas which can cause an allergic reaction to some dogs if not careful. This dog food gets a solid 4.5 stars out of 5 for being a solid product.

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