Most Famous Dog Foods Brands in USA

Depending on water content, commercial dog food is categorized into three types:

  • Dried
  • Semi-moist
  • Moist

Most commercial dog foods are made from materials unwanted for human consumption. These may include:

  • Meat by products or digests
  • Meat-and-bone meals – product of the rendering industry
  • Grain by-products

Less expensive foods include less content of meat; and more of meat by-products and grain “fillers”. The good quality expensive dog foods are made of ingredients suitable for human consumption.

Special varieties of dog foods:-

There are dog foods containing lamb or fish specially formulated for dogs allergic to wheat, corn or chicken. Some foods are customized to the dietary needs of, especially young or old dogs. Vegetarian dog foods are also available.

Famous dog food brands (US) :

  1. Alpo – brand is offered as a canned, soft food as well as dry kibbles.
  2. Dog chow – offered world wide as dry kibbles, in numerous formulas including one for young dogs, called “Puppy Chow”, one for elderly dogs, called “Senior 7+”,
  3. Artemis – manufacturer and supplier of holistic pet foods.
  4. Chicken soup for the pet lover’s soul – brand name of a line of holistic dog foods manufactured and marketed by Diamond Pet Food.

Dr. Bilinghurst’s BARF Diet –

  1. Eagle Pack Pet Foods – made by Eagle Pack Pet Foods, Inc contains holistic, natural ingredients.
  2. Fromm Four Star Nutritionals – Frozen turkey, beef or chicken, no grains. Meat is USDA inspected. Hormone and antibiotic free. Complete diet for all life stages.
  3. Eukanuba – wide variety of dietary choice for dogs, including soft and hard foods. They also provide specialized vet prescription diets for treatment of various ailments, including allergies and digestion problems.
  4. Iams – made by The Iams Company, owned by Procter and Gamble.
  5. Home Made 4 life – complete diet consisting of ground meat and bones, organ meat, vegetables, and a variety of other healthy ingredients. No grains.
  6. Sojourner’s Pet Food – good quality, raw, homemade pet food.
  7. Honest Kitchen – makes dehydrated raw food for dogs. It is made in a human food factory in California with only human edible ingredients. The Honest Kitchen was voted Dog Food of The Year 2006 in Puplife’s Annual Awards.
  8. Kibbles n’ bits – the first dual textured dog food, having soft chewy pieces as well as hard crunchy ones. It is currently the fifth largest dry dog food brand in the United States.
  9. Nutro – There are three different formulations available Nutro MAX, Nutro Natural Choice, and Nutro Ultra. Each has a different quality level of ingredients

Pedigree Pet Food –

  1. Royal Canin – best known for creating a wide range of breed-specific diets for dogs
  2. Science Diet – canned and dry dog food, including puppy formulas, as well as a range of formulas for sensitive stomach to weight loss and dental care.
  3. Solid Gold – manufacturer and supplier of holistic pet foods
  4. Wellness – contains no animal by-products, no rendered animal fats, no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavorings.
  5. Natural Balance Pet foods – edible by humans also

It is a great idea to add some fresh foods like eggs, yogurt, cheese, fish, veggies to a commercial diet, to improve the quality of nutrition that your dog receives.

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