Dog Training: 5 Important Tips that Every New Dog Owner Should Know

It is not a must that you have a trained dog in your home. However, if your dog understands common commands, it will not have a problem tackling basic commands. And although you can take a class in order to teach your dog about the basic commands that they should learn, it is not necessary. This is because you can just teach your dog the basic commands yourself. These skills have been proven to provide dogs with great lessons in life. If you can do it right, training your dog can be something that is fine both for you and your dog.  Below, we will look at some skills that you can teach your dog.

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Sitting down

One of the major skills that you can teach your dog is sitting down. This is a simple skill as what you need to do is hold a treat to the dog’s mouth and as he comes to take the bite, raise your hand up. This will cause the dog to raise his head up and bottom down. Give him the treat and say ‘sit’. Do it several times and the dog will get the command. This will help you in calming your dog when you are going for walks and at the shopping center.


This skill is important for it can help you take the dog out of danger. Simply put your dog on a leash before going down to his level. Gently pull the leash as you say ‘come’. After the dog comes, give him a treat as a reward for learning the skill.  Once the dog learns the skill on the leash, remove it and try calling him again.


Teaching your dog this skill can be very challenging because the skill requires a very substantive posture. In this skill, hold a treat in your hands before bending down to the floor. After this, the dog will follow suit. It is in this juncture that you should say ‘down’

Eating properly

Just like us humans, a dog requires a healthy diet. It is, however, important to ensure that your dog can eat properly. Therefore, you need to research the contents of dog food so that you can ensure that your dog is getting the right nutrients.  This is important as it will provide them the right mood and energy to carry on with the day.

How to Exercise

You also need to teach your dog how to exercise. At this point, we presume that you know the importance of exercise for your dog.  You should engage your dog in activities that require physical energy such as a walk, playing games as well as swimming. Such exercises are very important for them to ensure that your dog is in great physical shape. During the exercise, you should check your dog’s metabolic rate. If your dog is showing some breathing issues, you should have it checked by a veterinary.

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