Classy Canine Interior Decor Ideas for Dog Lovers

We are a nation of dog lovers. We have parlors where we can have our pooch pampered, doggy daycare centers to look after our furry friends when we are working, and we can even have our hound hitched to their sweetheart at a doggy wedding. If you have a special canine companion or are just nuts about mutts, you might appreciate some ideas on how to bring some dog to your décor. If so, here are some classy canine interior décor ideas for dog lovers.


An art print of your dog will add class and interest to any room. Look for images that encapsulate your dog’s breed and character on websites such as, which has stylish minimalist prints. Find a piece of art that will complement your room’s color scheme, and choose a frame to show it off magnificently.

If you would like to decorate walls, furniture, or even your car with pictures of dogs, look for doggy themed vinyl decals that can be adhered to most smooth surfaces.

Soft Furnishings

Bring some softness to your home with plush cushions and pillows emblazoned with canine patterns and fashioned into dog or bone shapes. If you have a modern home, find fabrics with geometric doggy patterns and use them to make soft furnishings such as curtains, blinds, and bedding. 

If you have a special furry friend, you could have their photo printed onto some cushions or even onto a sumptuously soft throw.


A great way to get some doggy chic into your home is to adorn it with exquisite sculptures and ornaments. As dogs are very popular and held fondly in the nation’s heart, you won’t be troubled trying to find unique pieces to display in your home.

If you like the steampunk aesthetic, you might want a sculpture constructed from metal bolts, rivets, and clock mechanisms. For a more classic piece of three-dimensional art, commission a ceramic sculpture of your favorite breed or an intricate carving made from wood. 

Peruse local antique shops or craft fairs for unique items. Talented crafters can sculpt lifelike animals from wool and wire. The color and softness of your dog’s coat will be immortalized forever in fiber form.


Incorporating your dog’s belongings into your home decor doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to look shabby and dull. Dog crates and beds can be made into stylish features. Your dog can enjoy sleeping in a bespoke box made from solid wood with wrought iron bars and can double as a side table or console table. Some people even convert antique dressers into dog furniture. 

If you have a staircase in your home, consider creating a luxury bedroom underneath it for your pet. You can even wallpaper the space with dog-themed wallpaper and hang a nameplate above the door. Furnish the room with a dog bed that is not only comfortable but tones in well with the rest of your home.

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