A Complete Care Guide For Your Dog

Having a dog is known to help lighten one’s mood and give a fun environment to a household. However, even with the joy it brings, you need to prepare for the responsibility that comes with taking care of it. You have to ensure that your dog is living its best life, making you a good pet owner.  

dog care guide

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To give your dog the life it deserves, here’s a complete care guide to help you.  

Consistent Feeding

Unlike humans, dogs don’t need to eat three full meals a day or they’ll end up overweight. The right meal plan for your dog is to consume two full meals a day. While it might be tempting to feed them with table food, dog food is highly preferable, so they can get the right nutrients that can help to keep them healthy and active.  

When choosing the best dog food, always check the nutritional value and see which one can deliver the best nutrients for your pet. You should also consider their breed and size, as some brands work better for certain dog types.  

Daily Walk

Similar to humans, dogs need to exercise to keep their bodies strong and healthy. This will help eliminate any health concerns, such as with the muscles and bones. You should walk your dog for at least 30 minutes a day. If you have enough time, going for a 45-minute walk would be preferable. Puppies, meanwhile, should only be having a 15-minute walk daily 

As you take your dog for a walk, ensure that you purchase a comfortable collar or harness to make its walking experience pleasant. You might also want to consider bringing water and a bowl for your dog in case it gets thirsty during your walk.  

Regular Vet Visits

One of the things that you should never forget when it comes to dog care is their regular vet visits. You should bring your pet to the vet immediately after having it. Your veterinarian will administer the right vaccine that could help strengthen your dog’s immunity against diseases. You will also be advised of your next visit for booster shots and regular checkups. 

Apart from providing vaccines, your vet can also further assess your dog to see if it requires any test or if there’s something you should be concerned about its health. With regular vet visits, you can ensure that your fur baby will stay healthy for as long as possible.  

Quality Time

Your dog isn’t only there to walk around your home or to bark at strangers. It needs constant love and attention as well. One way you can fully bond with your pet is by allotting enough time during your day so you can play and spend time with it. It could be at least 30 minutes of total playtime right after your work or any possible time you can devote. These minutes in a day, no matter how short, will be remembered by your dog.  

If you’d like to spend extra quality time with your dog, you might want to consider bringing them to the beach so they can roam around and have fun with the sand and water. It would be better if you’d carry them with you during your trips. In unavoidable or unfortunate cases, you should hire a good dog sitter that can look after your pet while you’re away for some time.  

Private Dog Space

Even if you’re sharing your entire house with your pet, it would be great if you could provide them with their private dog space. This will be a safe place where it won’t be harmed or bothered. If you have kids around, tell them that they shouldn’t bother the dog while it is in its space to respect its privacy and give it the right time to rest. 

For your private dog space, you should include a water bowl, dog bed, and a few sets of toys to play around with. These will help keep your pet comfortable in its own space.  

Proper Hygiene

Everyone deserves to live in a clean environment. Ideally, your house should be spotless all the time, especially your dog’s private space. Your yard should be clean as well, especially because dogs like to roam around during the day. Clean surroundings will not only make dogs comfortable but can also help keep possible health concerns away.  

Moreover, your pet should be bathed and groomed regularly to keep its skin condition at its best. It helps to prevent conditions like “dog hot spots.” Don’t forget to also brush your dog’s teeth and trim its nails so it won’t hurt itself from scratching its body.  


Caring for a dog, or any other animal, is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. You shouldn’t forget to feed your pet regularly along with keeping plenty of water nearby, in case it gets hungry. Furthermore, vet visits should never be skipped (including getting the right vaccines) as these could help your dog to grow healthier. With proper care and lots of love, you’ll have wonderful memories with your dog that both of you will cherish.  

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