Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Dog Poo Bags

Whether you have a cute little Cockapoo or a huge and intimidating Doberman, there will always be poo to clear up.  Although it is not something we discuss, as noted above, we all have our own ways of dealing with poop.  Why is it, though, that your dog picks the least convenient time to do the toilet – like when you are surrounded by lots of strangers all staring at you?  Also, why does your dog insist on using the best looking lawn in the neighborhood as his personal toilet?  During these highly stressful situations, this is when you need good and reliable dog poo bags the most.

Do you just leave it to break down naturally in your back garden or do you pick it up?  If you do, it is worth noting that dog feces contain a number of toxic things.  Salmonella, parvo, and hookworms are just the tips of the poo iceberg.  In the US, the EPA categorizes dog poo as a pollutant.  You might want to reconsider your strategy because while cowpats are great for fertilizing plants dog mess is not.

We also would want to avoid being the type of horrible person who just leaves their dog’s poo for others to clean up.  With all this in mind, let’s look at dog poo bags in greater detail, to help find the best.

What Are The Qualities Of A Great Dog Poo Bag?

There is one quality, in particular, that is more important than others, that we need dog poo bags to be – strong.  They need to be strong enough, regardless of the weather or the size or volume of the feces.  We have all been there when a dog poo bag has failed on us.  Maybe some reading this have nightmares about the moment their fingers pierced through the plastic and into…well…it.  Not fun at all.

Along with the strength aspect, speed of opening is key.  We need to be able to open, bend down, scoop tie and then move the hell on.  No one wants to spend five minutes messing around with the opening of a cheap as chips dog poo bag.  A good bag should also be easy to tie because as well as keeping the odor in, it means you can have a quick escape and aren’t left with the awkwardness of messing around trying to tie it.

As we are talking about something that is warm and has a certain..unpleasant texture, dog poo bags should be thick enough that you can’t really feel it.  It is also an added bonus if they are colored or made from a material that prevents you from seeing the contents.

Understanding Biodegradability

There is an increased interest in using products that do not damage the environment.  If you are looking for eco-friendly products though, you should always read labels carefully, but understand the terminology used.  The two most common words you will come across is compostable and biodegradable

  • Compostable – This is an interesting word. Something is only really compostable if it breaks down through microbial digestion.  So if it just breaks down into other components, it’s not really compostable.  There need to be special conditions to allow oxygen, water and heat to get to work.  The local tip doesn’t have these conditions, therefore if your dog poo bags are ‘compostable’ – they only are under the conditions outlined above.
  • Biodegradable – This phrase means over the course of time, a product will break down into smaller components. Most things in life are biodegradable then if given enough time.

Which Is Best To Buy Then?

Best Of The Bunch

By far the best dog poo bags available on Amazon, based on what we discussed earlier and the average customer rating are the Pet N Pet Pet Waste Bags Earth-Friendly and leak-proof.  You get 270 bags, which works out as 15 bags per roll, six bags of each color, three colors and 18 rolls in total.  At just under 10 bucks, that is a cracking deal for something that has scored 5 out of 5 stars.  They are heavy duty, for dog poop bags and have a unique perforation between each individual bag for easy tear-off.

Big Poo From A Big  Dog

Pogi's Poop Bags

What if you have a larger dog like the Doberman we mentioned earlier, for instance.  A standard size and strength dog poo bag is not likely to cut it.  Pogi’s Poop Bags though are incredibly useful.  The handles on these bags are excellent for tying when you have a heavier load to dispose of.  However, the problem is that because the bags are tougher and bigger, they are also more expensive.

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