6 Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter | What Does a Pet Sitter Do?

How to Find & Choose a Pet Sitter

Dog sitting is a great way to make sure your furry buddy is looked after while you’re not around. It’s the perfect choice for pet owners who work long hours, travel a lot, or just need a few hours to chill out. Dog sitters are like an extra dog-loving friend who can take care of and spoil your pup while you’re gone. Whether it’s a dog walking and sitting service in your home or a pro dog sitter, you can trust that your beloved pet is in good hands.

What Does a Pet Sitter Do?

A great pet sitter does more than just feed and walk your pet like a dog walker or a friend might do. They make sure to take care of all your pet’s needs while you’re away. This includes playing with them, cuddling, and checking on how they’re doing. They can even do small tasks around your house, like collecting your mail, watering your plants, and making it look like someone’s home.

If any emergencies come up while you’re away, don’t worry, pet sitters are ready to handle them. Whether it’s a power outage or a sick pet, they can manage the situation just like you would if you were home. They’re also great communicators, keeping you updated on what’s happening at home and how your pet is doing, even sending you pictures and videos of your pet having fun.

One of the biggest perks of hiring a pet sitter is how it benefits your pet. While some pets might be okay with staying in a kennel or other boarding place, many pets feel more comfortable at home. They’re surrounded by familiar smells and places, and even going to the bathroom in their own yard is less stressful than doing it around unfamiliar pets.

In addition to letting your dog or cat stay in their own home while you’re away, a pet sitter provides other specific benefits. Let’s check out the top benefits for your beloved pet!

Benefits of Hiring a Pet Sitter

For those of us lucky enough to have a dog or cat in our lives, we understand their happiness and health relies on us. We provide them with food, a safe home, and medical care, among other things.

But what happens when we have to leave our beloved pets at home? Responsible pet owners prepare for times when they can’t be there for their furry friends. They know there are several options for their pets when they have to be away for extended work days, overnight trips, or vacations. One of the top choices for your dog is to hire a pet sitter.

Choosing a pet sitter has a lot of perks compared to boarding your pet in a kennel or dropping them off at a doggy daycare for the day. Some pets might not do well if they have to leave their home for care. In these situations, a pet sitter who comes to your home can be a great help not only for your pets, but for you as well.

Now, let’s dive into the fantastic benefits of hiring a pet sitter to look after your cherished pup while you’re away.

1. Preserving Your Pet’s Routine

Pets love routine and are happiest when they know what to expect each day. If their meal times change or they have to eat somewhere new, it can make a dog or cat really anxious. They like to sleep in the same spot every night, and your smell in the house can even make them feel better when you’re not home.

If you share all the details about your pet’s routine and habits with a pet sitter, it can help your pet feel more secure and chilled out. Some sitters might even be able to keep up with any training you’re doing with your dog!

2. Peace of Mind

With a professional pet sitter, you can rest easy knowing your beloved pet is lovingly cared for when you cannot be around. The idea of hiring a professional dog sitter has been around for a while. Pet owners have been turning to experienced professionals to provide in-home care for their furry friends for years. But, with the rise of online booking platforms and pet-related businesses, finding and hiring a dog sitter is becoming even easier. Through these services, pet owners can find experienced professionals perfect for the job and ensure their pup is in beloved hands.

Leaving their pup at home while they’re away can cause stress and anxiety for any pet parent. Thankfully, with a professional dog sitter, pet owners can trust that their beloved pet will be well taken care of, even when they’re away. Many dog sitting services offer additional services, such as dog walking and bathing, to make life easier for pet owners.

From providing exercise and basic pet care to taking care of all their dietary needs, a professional dog sitter can ensure that your dog is in good hands and that its needs are fully met. Whether you are away for the day and need someone to take your pup on a walk or if you’re away for a long vacation, hiring a dog sitter is a great way to ease your worries and make sure your furry friend is comfortable at home.

When it comes to finding a professional dog sitter, it’s important to remember to do your research. Take time to look for someone experienced and qualified with a deep understanding of canine care, behavior, and safety. Once you’ve found the perfect sitter for your pup’s needs, you can rest assured that your pup is in the best possible hands while you’re away.

3. Prevents Separation Anxiety

Dogs, and sometimes even cats, can get really upset when they’re left alone, which is called separation anxiety. The stress of being alone can make them freak out, and they might take it out on stuff in the house or even another pet. If a dog with separation anxiety is left in a crate, they might hurt themselves trying to get out.

A pet sitter can help a ton with this. By being there and giving your pet lots of love and attention, they can help keep your pet calm. They can also distract them with fun games, exercise, and lots of snuggles.

4. Keeps Your Pet Healthier

Pet sitters can do more than just watch your dog or cat. They can keep an eye out for any signs of sickness or injury and get your pet to the vet if needed. Plus, by staying in their own home, your pet won’t be around a bunch of other animals in a kennel or boarding place that could give them things like kennel cough, or fleas or worms.

If your pet has special health needs, like breathing problems or recovering from surgery, you can still take a trip. A pet sitter can make sure your pet gets their treatments and meds on time. Lots of pet sitters have experience working with vets and bring those skills to their job. Some even take classes in pet first aid so they’re ready if your pet needs help right away.

5. Helps Socialize Your Pet

Dogs and cats who meet lots of different people and animals usually end up more chilled out and less likely to act scared, shy or aggressive. Having a pet sitter in your pet’s life can help them learn to trust, teach them how to handle meeting new people, and show them how to give and get love from others. It’s easier for a cat or dog to get used to a new person if they’re in their own home where they feel safe.

To introduce a pro sitter, let your dog take their time getting to know them. Have the sitter come over at least once before you leave so they can spend some time together. A meet-and-greet is a good way to see if your dog and the sitter are a good fit.

6. Gives Personal Attention

Most pet sitters have had pets of their own, so they get how dogs and cats act and what their body language means. They can change how they do things to make the pet they’re looking after feel comfortable. This one-on-one time can help your pet relax and enjoy having someone’s full attention.

Being in a kennel with a bunch of other dogs or cats can stress out your furry friend. They might not get as much time to play, go potty, or just get some love. We all want our pets to feel safe, and having a pet sitter who’s just there for them can help them feel more at ease and sure of themselves.

How to Choose a Pet Sitter

Before you hire a pet sitter, ask them to come over for a meet-and-greet. This is your chance to get to know them, ask about their experience, how they do things, their training, and how they’ll keep in touch with you when you’re not home. Make sure to ask about their rates and what happens if you need to cancel.

While they’re there, the sitter can meet your dog and you can fill them in on any special needs, your dog’s daily routine, and where you keep the dog food and other supplies.

It’s also a good time to see how the sitter and your dog get along. Check out if they’re a good match. If your dog’s young and active, ask how much exercise the sitter’s planning to give them. If your dog’s big, make sure the sitter knows how to handle them.

Even if you really like this person, ask for references and check them out. You’re thinking about letting this person stay in your house and take care of your best buddy, so you want to hear good things from their other clients.

If you can, try the sitter out for a day before you leave for a longer trip. Go out and leave your dog with them, then see how your dog’s doing when you get back.

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How to Find a Pet Sitter

A lot of pet owners find sitters by asking people they know, like friends and neighbors, or their vet, groomer, or dog trainer.

There are also groups for professional pet sitters, like Pet Sitters International and the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. Their websites have tools to help you find a pro sitter in your area.

Sites like Rover.com and Care.com are also good places to look. They list pet sitters near you, with info about their rates, experience, and references.

Don’t forget to think about what happens if there’s an emergency. Does the sitter have a backup or a partner who can step in if needed? You might want to meet this person too.

Some sitters only work with certain size dogs, so check on that before you set up an interview. And if a sitter doesn’t want to meet you and your dog before you hire them, that’s a bad sign. You should probably look somewhere else.

Preparing Your Dog

Once you’ve found a dog sitter you trust, it’s time to start getting your pup ready for its stay. Review the pet sitter’s policies regarding vaccinations and other medical requirements. Your pup may need to be up to date on shots or proof of flea and tick prevention. Your dog sitter will be aware of any special care or needs your pup has, such as those related to allergies or separation anxiety, so don’t forget to inform them of any extra considerations ahead of time. Lastly, offer your pup two to three weeks of elimination training with the pet sitter, making the transition easier.

Arranging for Dog Sitting

It’s best to make a schedule with the pet sitter and plan when your pup will need extra care. Even if you know your pup is comfortable and happy with the pet sitter, it can still be stressful for them to be without you for longer periods. Pack comfort items and treats from home to help make it easier for your pup. This will give them something familiar to snuggle up with while you’re away. And lastly, make sure to say a loving goodbye before you leave. This will help your pup understand that you’ll be away for a while, but I’ll be back soon and that you love them.

Dog Sitting can be an extremely rewarding experience for both you and your pup. With the right pet sitter, you can rest assured that your pup is properly cared for and has a positive and enriching experience while you’re away. So, don’t wait; start looking for a great dog sitter today and prepare your pup for its upcoming adventure!


Dog Sitting is a great way to ensure your pet is loved and well cared for while you’re away. From finding a qualified pet sitter to preparing your pup for its stay, pet owners should research and make the proper arrangements to ensure that their pup is properly cared for. With the right dog sitter, pet owners can have peace of mind when they’re away and trust that their furry family member is in safe and caring hands.

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