Why Luxury Dog Beds Are A Great Investment For Sleepy Pups

If you find your dog has laid claim to your favorite sofa to sleep on, and you’re struggling to convince them to do otherwise, luxury dog beds can help get the job done. While there’s no problem in having your pup share a space with you, or adopt a den of their own somewhere in your home, you probably have first-hand experience of the difficulties involved in clean-up, hygiene, and comfort of your space because of this. 

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Luxury Dog Beds

Most dogs sleep anywhere between twelve to fourteen hours a day – puppies need even longer, sleeping between eighteen to twenty hours a day. Since sleep is such a necessity for most pups, it becomes even more important to try to make sure they have a clear space for them to be able to do this. This is where luxury dog beds come in handy – not only can they provide a space that’s easy to maintain, they’re also going to provide much more conscientious support and comfort to pups who need their valuable snooze time. 

Picking Luxury Dog Beds For Different Types Of Dogs

Depending on the breed and size of your pup, you’re going to want to consider different kinds of beds. Most luxury dog beds tend to be as spacious as possible, but you’ll want to be sure that you’re picking out the most appropriate size for your dog. 

The size of your dog bed should also depend on your pup’s preferred sleep position. For instance, if your pup prefers sleeping on their back, then it’s better to size up so that they’re able to stretch out and get comfortable. If your dog prefers to sleep on its paws or forelegs, however, it might be a good idea to find a dog bed that comes with slightly elevated sides so they’re able to rest the way they prefer.

How To Get The Best Dog Bed For Your Pup

If you’re considering getting a dog bed for your puppy, there are a couple of key considerations that are worth keeping in mind. For starters, you want to invest in a dog bed that’s going to last you a long while- this means your dog bed needs to be scratch-resistant, as well as washable. 

Some dog beds come with removable covers, which make them far easier to maintain since you’ll be halving drying time. These types of dog beds are especially useful for young pups who haven’t been house-trained yet or older dogs who are prone to making accidents on their bed. 

Quality of material and type of fill are also considerations you might want to think about before purchasing your dog bed. Most luxury dog beds will be made with some combination of memory foam, which can help support your dog. Older dogs will especially appreciate the support of a firmer dog bed, so try and look out for these qualities when selecting what you want to buy. 

Finding a dog bed that’s comfortable and cozy is the least you can do for your adorable roommate, especially one that brings you as much joy as your pup does. Luxury dog beds not only provide your furry friend with the ultimate amount of comfort, but they also spare you the extra work of watching out for stains on an expensive new couch or to keep switching out your own bed sheets. 

Keep your pup’s sleep considerations in mind, and remember that a great dog bed can last you up to a decade if taken care of properly, so they’re well worth the investment. 

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