Why Giving Dog Lovers Art from Photographs Really Works

Give Dog Lovers Art from Photographs for a Splash

Anytime you are able to give a personal and special gift that you’ve customized yourself, you can say that you made a great impression with your gift. Dog lovers are no different because their dogs are unique, special creatures that can be featured in all kinds of personalized gifts. For this kind of person, we recommend that you highlight the rewards and quirks of being a dog owner by giving them personalized, hand-painted dog portraits. 

Dog portraits on canvas can help you stop your seemingly eternal search for the perfect gift because custom dog portraits check off many of the most important boxes when it comes to effective gift-giving. For one, giving a personalized dog portrait says something about your ability to see what another person values in their life above all else. You can richly see from dog paintings from photos that your heart really went into the selection and creation of this gift. Canvas dog portraits are a great gift, in short, because they capture the soul of the dog in the portrait of a dog, and speak volumes for your heart.

In this post we explore some ways you can make this gift work for you, but before we begin we want to preface this all by saying that your dog portrait will only come out as good as the artist behind the brush. So, select a company and commission a pet oil painting from those like Portraits On Demand. They have many years of impressive experience creating a shining online portfolio. 

We hope you will consider the following review of the ways that the gift of personalized dog paintings can really work. In each of the dog portraits from photos that you can create below, there is a personalized dog portrait perspective that could just make the right gift. Order dog portraits from pictures for your special dog-loving friend for their birthday, graduation, anniversary, and more!

Their Dog and Them

If you can think for a second about all the times that your friend and their dog have gone out for some fun on a walk and captured beautiful, loving moments through pictures, then you’ll realize that there is a wealth of material for you to craft a personalized gift for them by picturing their pooch with them in the frame. This kind of personalized gift will give a completely original feeling to the gift as it wows the recipient with good feelings and cheer. 

The truth might be that this is the most direct and effective way to showcase the exquisite and personal connection that the dog and their owner have. You can turn their relationship itself into a beloved artifact by turning fuzzy feelings into artistic strokes. 

Perhaps you can even imagine a situation where you see the painting or portrait each time you visit their home. Perhaps you will see them prominently hang the portrait as one of their favorite pieces of personal decor. You can consider giving them the most honest and direct gift, or you can try another approach to the dog lover’s heart. 

An Individual Portrait

Turning a photo into a beautiful and striking painting is made easier when the dog in question and the dog owner they love are both well-documented through photo albums online and in your possession. You’ll have more than group photos to think about where the dog and their owner appear together because in some cases you will see there are many photos of the pup alone that deserve attention. 

Rather than give what is just a pretty piece of decor for their home, give them a real statement piece of their dog in a unique pose for a glamorous perspective of them. The owner will really see one of their favorite animals reflected happily in the image and looking up at them from the paint. The search for an image that captures the unique essence of the dog is the hard part, giving the gift of this kind of portrait is definitely the reward. 

There is a certain sense of sophistication and style that goes into giving a gift of this type that features just one person (or, in this case, dog) as the focal point. And, you will want to maintain that style and sophistication in your presentation of the work as well. So choose an image that is at the same time classic for the dog as well as organic. This way it will have a bit of personality. 

The Dog with a Group

Your third option is to give a gift of the dog with the family or all the friends. You can give this gift at a party with no problem, and everyone will enjoy seeing themselves represented in paint and brushstrokes. This can even deepen the effect of the gift since more than the dog is held dear, but you can also see some of their closest family and friends. 

PortraitsOnDemand.com is your best shot at creating a striking, original work of art for the dog lover in your life. Give something that screams originality and sophistication with a custom canvas portrait or painting. 

Contact Portraits On Demand today for your custom painting for dog lovers.

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