What Foods are Extremely Harmful to Dogs?

It is common for dogs to be opportunistic when it comes to getting their paws on tasty treats, but not all everyday foods and drinks are safe for them.

Again, dog owners usually feed their dogs a variety of healthy foods, such as commercial canned, packaged, and homemade foods. 

When choosing your dog’s diet, keep in mind that some homemade food can be harmful to your dog.

Humans’ and dogs’ metabolisms vary, which is why certain human food items might not be safe for your dog. Some human foods are known to be dangerous for dogs, but many other foods are also dangerous. Let’s have a look at the list of hazardous food items:


According to a prominent dog-walking company in San Francisco, CA,

a compound product known as an artificial sweetener is commonly used to make toothpaste, bakery items, and candies.

Many human products and foods contain xylitol, but your pets can get sick from it. If you think your dog ate something with xylitol, get in touch with your vet, emergency clinic, or poison control center right away.


Dogs may suffer dangerous health effects if they eat avocados because they contain a toxic compound called persin. An increased intake of avocado may cause severe diarrhea or constant vomiting. Avocados are dangerous for dogs, so you should keep them away from them.


Consumption of alcohol is dangerous not only for dogs but also humans. Similar to humans, it damages the liver and harms the brain. Dogs have more sensitive internal organs than humans, which makes alcohol consumption more likely to cause side effects.

Side effects of alcohol consumption:

  • Diarrhea
  • Breathing problem 
  • Coma
  • Death.


One of the most dangerous and alarming conditions is that the consumption of onions and garlic causes severe destruction of Red blood cells in dogs, ultimately resulting in anemic conditions. So you better keep your pet dogs very far from onions and garlic.

Signs of onion and garlic toxicity include:

  • Vomiting 
  • Breathing issues
  • Weakness


Cats and dogs are more sensitive to caffeine than humans. Most pets won’t get sick if they drink a sip of hot coffee or iced tea. However, small dogs and cats can die if they eat one or two caffeine pills. It is possible for symptoms to begin as soon as 30 minutes after ingestion and make their way through for as long as 12 hours. If your dog has consumed any of these things, seek immediate help from a veterinarian.


These grapes and raisins are not good choices for your dogs because consumption of a very slight amount or a few items may make your dog vomit, and prolonged consumption will cause kidney failure.


Do not use macadamia nuts in fall baking or homemade Halloween treats if you have dogs. These nuts are so dangerous that your dog doesn’t need to eat much to get sick.

The most common symptoms of macadamia nut poisoning in dogs are weakness, vomiting, and diarrhea. 


Your dog may develop complications if he eats a lot of cat food on a regular basis or if you feed him cat food instead of dog food. Because it doesn’t have the right balance of protein, fiber, and nutrients dogs need. Although dogs can survive on cat food in a pinch, nutrient imbalances can cause stomach upset, obesity, and pancreatitis. It’s critical to get veterinary care right away if you have pancreatitis. Symptoms include pain in the stomach and a hunched back, feeling tired and weak, losing your appetite, throwing up and having diarrhea, having a swollen stomach, and having a fever. The high protein levels in cat food can be difficult for your dog’s liver and kidneys, even if he doesn’t show any signs of illness.


The nutrient requirements of cats and dogs are different. Even though some of the ingredients may be the same, the recipes for dog food and cat food are not the same. There are a lot of nutrients cats need that dog food doesn’t have. It shouldn’t be a problem to eat a portion of food intended for other animals.

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