Planning to Adopt a Dog in 2022? A Preparation Guide For Budding Dog Owners

Bringing a pet into your home is a truly exciting prospect, no matter your age. From deciding to get a pet to the day that you bring them home, nothing can match the levels of excitement that are experienced. While there is no doubt that budding pet owners experience a rollercoaster of emotions, it is also worth considering the levels of preparation that go into becoming a pet owner.

what to know before adopting a dog
what to know before adopting a dog

Adopting an animal and bringing it into your home is not something that happens overnight and takes some time to adequately prepare for. As a result, we have the utmost faith that those reading this who want to adopt a pet in 2022 are in the process of considering what they might need to do moving forward to best prepare themselves.

Generally speaking, it is straightforward; you will get the basic necessities to ensure a safe and comfortable life for your pet while ensuring they are as healthy as possible. While we do not doubt that pet owners up and down the country will be doing precisely this, several other factors must be taken into account before bringing your new family member home. 

Should you be in the position where you are adopting a pet in 2022, you may very well be putting the wheels in motion as we make our way into the new year. Doing your research early and having an understanding of what you should be doing from the word go, will make the overall process run that bit smoother, and could even speed up the adoption process. Bringing your pet into your home earlier is something that many pet owners want; having extra time to bond with and love them is the dream, after all. 

Suppose you are reading this and in this exact position yourself. Adopting a dog can be a memorable occasion in your life and a life milestone for many. Knowing what you should be doing to prepare yourself is paramount and is where we are here to help! Detailed in this guide, you will find a handful of tips and tricks to prepare yourself and others in your family for your new arrival. Regardless of when your four-legged friend is set to make their presence known, read on for more! 

Finding a Dog You Want To Adopt

For some people, this will be the easiest part of the adoption process. Many people, much like ourselves, have spent their childhood and adolescent years dreaming about what breed of dog they would like to adopt when they get older. This decision comes easy to some people, but with so many dog breeds out there, we recognize how this could also prove a time-consuming and challenging decision. 

The first step is to narrow down the dog breeds that you would feel comfortable bringing into your home. Talking with others in your household about this matter is also recommended; you want to have a general consensus, for an unhappy party at this stage of the process could prove difficult to convince further down the line. 

When deciding which breed you want to adopt, you should think about other factors in your life that this decision could impact. Certain dog breeds possess high energy levels, meaning they require regular and long bouts of exercise. The last thing you want is to be kept up at night when your pup has the zoomies!

At the same time, there will undoubtedly be dog breeds that are not suited to those with young children. Making a note of factors like these and choosing a dog breed that will fit seamlessly into your home routine will make a world of difference in the short and long term and minimize how much you must change to accommodate your new dog. 

Once you have an idea of what breed you would like to get, nothing stands in your way from contacting adoption centers in your nearby area to ascertain what pups they have available. At the same time, while you might have an idea of what breed you would like, remember to be flexible, for the adoption center might not have the breed you are looking for. 

Choosing a Dog For Adoption

Visiting the adoption center in person is always recommended when adopting a pet. You get to see them first-hand and provide both parties with the opportunity to bond and assess whether this is something that could work moving forward. Contacting an adoption center when you have seen a dog you would like to adopt will get the ball rolling. Scheduling yourself in for this initial introduction while establishing a certain level of rapport with the adoption center. You won’t just be winning over the dog. You need to prove to the adoption center that you can provide the dog with the best life possible. 

Many adoption centers will require prospective owners to fill out an adoption form. Taking this with you when you go into the center itself, containing the correct and up-to-date information will speed up the process greatly. Expect those working in the adoption center to check your information; they will also guide you and advise on what dog breeds they think will suit your individual situation. After all, they are the experts in this situation and know those kept in the adoption center better than anyone. Be prepared to have a different dog recommended for adoption should the workers feel the fit is not right; all parties want what is best for the dog at the end of the day. 

However, should the adoption workers feel the fit works well and that you and your prospective pooch get along well, the next steps include organizing a home visit. The home visit will be completed by an adoption center worker, who can advise on anything they feel might need changing in your home or garden to ensure the continued safety of your dog. They will provide you with plenty of tips and tricks on how to keep your dog happy when bringing them home, perfect for those who are embarking on a pet ownership journey for the first time. 

When providing you with tips and tricks for the adoption of your future pet, the adoption worker will point you in the right direction regarding what sorts of resources you will need to purchase for your pup. Much like other pets, different breeds will require different resources to live a happy and healthy life. Knowing what you need and making the purchases before your dog arrives is highly recommended, taking us to the following section. 

Acquiring The Right Resources For Your Dog

Understandably, when bringing a four-legged friend into your home, you want to ensure you are as prepared as possible for their arrival, much like when you have a baby! The last thing you want is to spend the first few days of your time together running here, there, and everywhere in an attempt to get the resources that you need. Instead, preparing and acquiring what you need in advance ensures you can spend the first few days bonding and making your dog as comfortable as possible in their new home. 

The first thing to think about is how nervous your dog might be. Moving to a new place can cause a whole host of emotions in humans; there is no doubt that your dog might also feel anxious when introduced to a new place that is alien to them. Spending time with your dog in the first few days and weeks is sure to bring them comfort and reassure them that you are not there to harm them in any way. There are also a variety of dog toys and items out there that are tailored for tackling these sorts of issues. Having some stocked up in your home is sure to make this process run a bit smoother. We will talk about how you can help your dog settle in a bit more later in the piece. 

At the same time, you should think about dietary requirements that your dog might need. Different dog breeds have different digestive capabilities, and therefore will need a diet that is easy to consume. Giving your dog the right food in the right quantity ensures that they are as healthy as possible. Generally speaking, dogs are omnivores, so they can eat a mixture of plant-based foods as well as meat. Finding the balance between these two things will go a long way in ensuring your dogs get the right amount of nutrients they need. 

Finding retailers who can provide you with the right resources for your dog is important. Assess the reviews of the online or in-person store and check what sorts of products they have on offer. Take Time For Paws, a leading online retailer for pet necessities, for example. Retailers like these can provide you with everything you could need to ensure your dog is happy and healthy. Having the pet products you need to be delivered to your home ensures that you can spend as much time as possible with your four-legged friend. 

While food and toys are ultimately crucial when caring for your dog, they are not the only things you will need. We recognize that dogs tend to sleep everywhere but their designated beds. Even though that is the case, choosing a comfy bed for your dog is also something worth thinking about. For safely transporting your dog in the car, travel items should also be at the top of your list. 

Helping Your Dog To Settle In

We mentioned it briefly before but helping your dog to settle in might be the most challenging part of the process. While it will be tough, know that you are not the only person going through this ordeal and certainly won’t be the last. Making your dog as comfortable as possible is the main priority of this part of the adoption process, but you don’t need to navigate this process alone. 

Following the initial adoption process, the people who work at the adoption center will be able to support you and provide you with guidance on how to help your dog settle in. Asking them questions or for help should you find yourself stuck is always recommended and is something they would encourage you to do. 

What’s more, you could ask for help from friends and family members who have been through the dog adoption process. They will be able to provide relatable wisdom and suggestions on what you could do to make the process easier for your dog and yourself. Casting your net wider again, finding online forums and social media groups tailored to this type of thing would also be helpful. Networking with people in a similar position to yourself or who have been through the process themselves will make it feel like a less isolating experience during the toughest moments. 

Considering when to introduce your dog to any children you have is also worth thinking about. Older children should understand how to behave around dogs and when to respect their personal space. Younger children and toddlers will naturally have a different understanding of the subject. They will need to be gradually introduced to your new family member so as not to upset them. Explaining to any young family members the importance of respecting the dogs’ space and listening when they want to be left alone will ensure everyone is happy. 

Preparing to adopt a dog is no easy feat and is sure to take some time to get right. Rushing through the process could lead to issues emerging further down the line, which is something you want to avoid at every cost. Navigating this process and completing it in full will leave you feeling as ready as possible to bring a dog into your home, which will be beneficial for all parties involved. 

Not only will you be bringing a new family member into your home, but you will be providing a dog with a second chance and a loving family. What more could you want in the new year? No matter which breed of dog you choose or how old the dog is, know you are embarking on an exciting journey, one that will continue to pay off for years to come. 

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