What to Do When Your Dog is Gagging?

Dog Gagging is normal for a dog to gag from time to time. It can swallow small objects when it’s playing around, which causes it to gag.

Often, the object stuck in its mouth comes out in the form of vomit. Other times, the dog is taken to a veterinarian to resolve the issue.

What to Do When Your Dog is Gagging?

However, you don’t always have to visit the veterinarian every time your dog gags. By going through this article, you will be able to assess why your dog gags, when does it normally gag, whether the gagging is frequent or not, and if it is the onset of some serious condition.

You must know that your veterinarian needs all the information to be able to diagnose your dog’s actual physical state. Hence, if you feel that your dog’s gagging has been continuing for a while, you need to start observing and taking notes.

Causes of Your Dog Gagging

Firstly, if your dog gags, and stops afterwards, then there is nothing to worry about. Having said that, if they have recurring gagging problem, it is time to take the matter seriously.

Tightness of the Leash

Moreover, make sure your dog’s leash is not bound too tight around its neck, as that can also be the reason behind your pooch’s constant gagging.

Small Objects

Equally important, don’t let small objects lying around in your house. Dogs are like human children. They will swallow anything they find, and all for the sake of fun, and games.

Age of the Dog

Another point to be noted is that you should mind your dog’s age. An older dog may gag more often than a younger dog simply due to age.

Kennel Cough

Also, if your dog has a cold, it will likely cough, which sometimes will sound like gagging. The vets use a term called ‘Kennel Cough’, which is when a dog has a dry cough, often accompanied by retching, and gagging.

Kennel cough is caused by a group of respiratory diseases that can affect both adults, and puppies. The good news is that it is not fatal, and if properly taken care of, the dog recovers within two weeks.

Sinusitis and Rhinitis

Another possible reason for your dog gagging maybe due to sinusitis (sinus infection) or rhinitis (nasal infection). The symptoms include gagging, followed by nasal discharge and sneezing. What’s more, infection of the teeth, and tumors in senior dogs are the main impetus of these nose infections.

Enlarged Soft Palate

This will shock you, but some breeds of dogs, like Pugs, are born with enlarged soft palate that obstructs airflow into their lungs. This can be a genetic condition, but it hampers the dog’s ability to breathe properly, and thus urges gagging.


Did you know that 95% of puppies contain roundworms in their bodies? And one roundworm female can lay about 200, 000 eggs per day?

As such, your dog can be affected by roundworms very easily. On that account, when you see your dog gagging insanely, you may also consider the possibility of it getting infected by roundworms.

Heart Disease

We hope not, but your dog may also be suffering from heart disease if it can’t stop gagging from time to time. It is common for a dog to develop diseases related to aging.

Gagging ushered by lethargy, lack of strength, fast breathing, and blue tongue may be signs that your dog has a heart disease. In this case, you must get immediate help.

Tracheal Collapse

Just as Pugs  may suffer from elongated soft palate, Chihuahua may be prone to tracheal collapse, which may be inherited, or developed during birth.

Your dog needs urgent medical attention if this is the cause behind its gagging, because the pain can worsen over time.

Furthermore, there may be other reasons behind your dog feeling restricted when trying to breathe, or swallow. Either way, you should get your dog an overall health checkup every now and then. On the other hand, if the gagging is getting too serious, you must consult your vet as soon as possible.

Remedy for Gagging

Although the best remedy is to visit the vet, you can also do some additional things to prevent your dog from gagging.

Find Out the Reason

Before you do anything rash, or waste petrol, find out the reason why your dog is gagging. It is advised that you check the list illustrated above to figure out what may be the cause of your dog gagging.


If a foreign object has obstructed its food pipe, most likely, it will just vomit it out. Likewise, your dog will puke out anything external, such as grass, seeds, bugs etc that has somehow gotten inside him.

Cold Remedy

On the contrary, your vet will suggest you to give your dog sedatives if the issue is gagging due to cold, and old age.

Cure for Kennel Cough

Don’t prescribe any medication to your dog suffering from Kennel Cough, no matter what you read on the internet. Only give them medications that the vet has suggested.

Having said that, you can treat your pooch naturally with Vitamin C supplements. For small dogs, the recommended dose is 125 to 500mg per day, for medium dogs, it is 250 to 1500mg per day, and large dogs can take about 500 to 1500mg of Vitamin C per day.

On top of that, you are allowed to give your buddy natural remedy drinks infused with a tablespoon of honey, and licorice root to soothe its throat.

Cure for Sinusitis and Rhinitis

To cure Sinusitis, and Rhinitis, your vet may recommend some antibiotics. If the infection is caused by fungi, fungal therapy must be adopted. However, treatment of these infections include home remedies that are quite effective as well.

Steam Bath

A steam bath for five to fifteen minutes is one of the best cures. You can create this steam bath by staying in the bathroom with your pet, while the steam from the hot water clear away its nasal congestion.

Saline Drops

Prepare a saline solution with a cup of water and five tablespoons of salt, and pour a few drops into your dog’s nose to clear away irritation, and congestion.


You can get CBD oils for dogs at certain stores. The medicinal attributes of the hemp will cure the dog’s nasal infection eventually.

Cure for Roundworms

When your pet is infected by roundworms, your vet will give you the medication suitable to your dog’s specific needs. There are many species of roundworms, hence, consulting your vet is the best solution to the situation.

Final Thoughts

It is heartbreaking to watch your favourite pet suffer from a painful health condition. Despite all the measures you can take to keep your dog safe, and healthy, you never know what the future holds.

Even so, don’t get disheartened to find out that your dog has been diagnosed with a mortifying illness. Fortunately, none of the diseases mentioned above are fatal in nature. Hence, it is possible for your dog to recover from the situation as quickly as possible.

Then again, it is always better to be safe than sorry. That’s why we believe that a thorough overall health check-up of your dog once a month can give you a peace of mind.

So, don’t worry too much if your dog is gagging, and also if it is doing it often. Your vet will fix it!

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