Bitten by a dog? Here’s What You Should Do Now

We all know that a dog is man’s best friend. But sometimes when you’re faced with an aggressive dog, that message is quickly forgotten. Sometimes it’s not always clear why a dog wants to attack and if you find yourself bitten by a dog it’s important that you know what to do next so you can preserve your health, your immune system and your rights – these personal injury lawyers located in Houston are waiting to hear from you if you’ve been attacked by a dog.  

Whether the dog in question belongs to a neighbor, or you were jogging through the park, and a dog came out of nowhere and began to attack, you must remain calm and follow these simple tips on what you should do after a dog bite.

What to do if you get bit by a dog?

Remain calm

If the bite is serious, then ask someone for assistance. You should also call the emergency services if the dog is still on the loose or if your injuries are severe. Seeking medical advice is vital after a dog bite as preventing infection is crucial at this stage. 

Clean the wound

If the bite isn’t life-threatening and if you are able, make it a priority to wash the wound and place it under warm running water for around ten minutes. This should hopefully flush out any bacteria that may be lurking as well as dirt grit and other forms of debris. This should give you a chance of avoiding infection.

Stop the bleeding

Easier said than done, but if the wound isn’t too serious, you should be able to stem the flow of blood with a clean, dry cloth. Slowing the bleeding will help with the healing process. If you’re struggling to stop the blood, then head to the hospital as soon as possible.

Add some anti-septic cream

There are millions of different kinds of bacteria in a dog’s mouth, and as mentioned previously, preventing an infection from developing and then spreading is crucial after a dog bite. Applying some anti-septic cream to the wound should help fight off any bacteria. 

Wrap it up 

Once you’ve followed the steps above, wrap up the wound in a sterile bandage and then seek medical assistance. If you think the wound is deep and may require stitches or glueing, then head to the emergency room and explain what happened. If you’ve managed to stop the bleeding, then consider heading to your doctor’s office to have it checked. If you didn’t know the dog that bit you then the doctor may suggest a tetanus shot. 

Know the signs of infection

Swelling, redness, high fever and unbearable pain. The signs of infection will be pretty clear; however, you should seek medical assistance after a dog bite even if the wound isn’t deep. 

Final thoughts…

Getting the dog owner’s name and their contact details is always a good idea after a dog bite incident. Speak with a personal injury lawyer about what happened as soon as possible. 

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