Reliable Ways to Keep Your Pooch Healthy and Happy

Having a dog is among the world’s absolute best feelings, and every dog owner knows this. Walking your pet, playing, and cuddling with it on the couch are among our favorite activities. But one thing to remember is that a dog is very similar to a child. The dog’s life is entirely dependent on us, so it is crucial to take care of its health.

You must also learn to maintain the dog’s hygiene, get informed about mental stimulation, dog exercise, and training to positively enhance your relationship. Regular exercise, along with a complete and balanced diet, helps your dog maintain weight, which reduces the strain on joints and muscles while looking as radiant as they feel. 

In this article, you will find other valuable tips to keep your best friend healthy and well.

Regular vet visits

Your dog’s health and wellbeing need to have regular veterinary visits to ensure that you don’t have anything to be worried about.

As your dog grows old, routine visits are crucial and allow your veterinarian to monitor changes before its health deteriorates closely. Always opt for professional veterinary care that has your pet’s best interest in mind. 

Try to find a veterinarian you can trust and communicate easily with. One who will try to create an environment where both you as an animal owner and your dog will feel safe and well cared for. 

In order to save on unexpected vet bills and emergency treatments, having health insurance for your pet can reduce costs and offer you comfort and peace of mind. It’s best to learn how to compare pet insurance and choose the right provider that offers the best coverage for your dog’s needs.


dog Vaccination

Dog vaccinations are a must for the responsible dog owner. Make sure that the dog gets protection against canine parvovirus, distemper, canine hepatitis, and rabies. If you spend a lot of time with other dogs, it is also good to vaccinate against kennel cough once a year.

By having your dog vaccinated against these diseases, you not only prevent your animal from becoming infected, but you also help to keep the total infection from spreading among the dog population at a low level.

And while you are still at the vet, ask for a general health check and seize the opportunity to ask questions about any concerns you might have.

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential to keep all dogs healthy. Improper diet can negatively affect everything from your dog’s skin, coat, weight to its energy and gastrointestinal function.

At the beginning and end of the dog’s life, the food is extra important. The little puppy grows very fast and needs a different composition of protein, fat, and nutrients than adult dogs.

When choosing dog food, it is worth spending a little extra money on choosing something of high quality or looking up homemade diet recipes. Also, look at the ingredients and feel free to select something without chemicals. A natural, nutritious feed is best. It is also good to combine with cooked food, such as boiled chicken. The dog feels good eating hot food, just like we do.

Adult dogs that are neither young nor old can eat virtually any food as long as they feel good about it. If the dog suffers from skin problems, gastrointestinal problems, osteoarthritis, or something else, it is time to review the diet. Today, dog food is better controlled and of higher quality and can prevent and alleviate many problems.

Brushing teeth

It may be too easy to forget to brush your dog’s teeth until you get a whiff of bad breath. Serious health problems can be caused by plaque and tartar buildup.

Clean teeth are important for the dog’s general condition at all ages. Infections in the oral cavity hurt and can cause severe damage to the heart valves, liver, and kidneys through the blood. Small breeds are the most affected ones.

As with everything else, it is important to reward your dog when it has been good and teeth brushing is absolutely no exception. It will result in an easier and more pleasant activity in the future.

Do not forget to talk to your veterinarian about your dog’s teeth. A professional cleaning may be necessary from time to time.

Regular Grooming and Good Skincare

All dogs need some basic physical maintenance and grooming. In general, your dog’s care needs are based on its breed. However, if your dog has allergies, it may have specific needs. The average short-haired dog will benefit from a monthly spike, bath, and brushing.

There are different recommendations for different breeds on how often the doggy should bathe but just like a human, a dog also needs to be clean. A dog with larger fur usually needs to bathe more often than one with short fur, especially if it stays outdoors. But skincare is not just about bathing.

It is also important to look through the dog’s skin so that there are no ticks, other vermin, or skin irritations. A tip is to use a magnifying glass, especially if you suspect that the dog has some irritation. The magnifying glass allows you to see much better, which can often be needed if your dog has dark fur or a very fluffy one.

Exercise the dog

Exercise helps to keep your dog’s body young, while at the same time stimulating the heart, lungs, muscles, joints, and brain. The level must of course be adapted to the individual, race, age, and state of health. Pay attention to what your dog can do and do not overdo it.

Also, remember to exercise regularly. It is better to go on several shorter walks during the week than a very long one on the weekend.

Before releasing the dog and letting it run free, warm up. For example, let it rest for 5-10 minutes, preferably on a soft surface. Warm-up prevents, among other things, bad ligament injuries. After tougher exercise, unwind in the same way you warmed up.

Final Thoughts

A healthy dog is active, attentive, and full of zest for life and all dog owners want this for their companion. A healthy dog means a happy dog and dog owner.

Having your dog covered with insurance, visiting the vet regularly, training the dog and maintaining good hygiene, and, at the same time, providing tasty and nutritious food is the best guarantee that you are on the right path of your pooch having excellent health.

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