10 Ways to Groom Your Dogs

Our pets are not less than our babies. They have our hearts, and we love to take care of them. From meeting their dietary needs to ensuring they get enough recreation by taking them out on strolls, we wish to provide the best to our pets. One major part of taking care of our animals is their grooming. Ensuring your pets stay well-groomed and maintained is a long and painstaking job.

People prefer owning dogs and cats as pets, and they are one of the most commonly found to be accompanying people. Compared to other animals, dogs and cats are easily adjustable around the house and also do not pose a threat to human safety. However, taking care of their hygiene and grooming is crucial to ensure they stay healthy.

Grooming your dogs may take a few tips, tricks and techniques to follow. You can look into dog supplies online to find out all that you may need for your dog’s grooming sessions. As far as the grooming tips and tricks are concerned, read ahead for some fantastic ways how you can give your dog some meticulous grooming.

Work Out

All living beings, whether they are humans or animals, have to function and move. Without movement, the body rusts, and the healthy cells deplete. Same applies for your dog as well. Animals are attuned to nature. They want to run, walk, play and stay active. If not provided proper activities, your dog’s health might deteriorate. It is also normal for animals to get depressed if not given an appropriate environment to live; a fact not known to many. Therefore, you must plan activities for your dog to keep it active, upbeat and physically groomed.

Schedule a daily walking routine to the park. Dogs can also play with squishy toys so that you can get your dog some playthings. Playing fetch is known to be their favorite game. Therefore, allot a time of the day to play with your dog, it’s favorite sports. There can also be some other activities to keep your dog physically fit, such as swimming, jogging, stretching, etc.

Know Your Dog’s Bathing Needs

It is quite apparent that a grooming session needs to start with a deep, warm bath. The cleaning process should initiate by giving your furry friend a dip in some bubbly water. One question, however, that pops here is how many times do we need to bathe our dogs in a period, let us say a week? It is advised that your dog’s bathing needs should be critically evaluated based on their activities, the weather, etc. So, for example, if your dog is a playful chum and loves splashing in mud, then they would need a bath often.

But the weather conditions also need to be considered to make sure your pawed friend does not fall sick. If the weather is cold, then skipping a bath for a few days is quite okay. However, if the weather is humid and hot, then it is advised that the dog take a bath every few days to prevent heat strokes.

Know-How to Restrain Your Dog

Not knowing how to control your dog while you bath them means trouble. You would not want them running around your house with soap on, would you? Therefore, you must learn how to put your dog at ease while bathing.

Dogs usually do not like getting a bath. They will tug, push, and try to get away. It is why grooming salons have a deep sink to prevent the dogs from jumping out. However, if you are doing the grooming at home, you will have to find ways to calm and relax your dog. Additionally, making sure your dog does not panic while getting their hair cut and trimmed is critical. It is because a slight sharp move may end up in your hurting your dog.

Dogs are also commonly put on a leash during grooming sessions to make them stay put. You can also try this method if your dog shows no interests in calming down otherwise.

Get Dog Bathing Products

If you are thinking about saving some bucks and sharing your shampoo with your dog, then stop right there. There is a vast difference between the products made for human skin and hair than those made for dogs. The pH balance is excessively different, which means that the products you use can be harmful to your dog’s skin and hair.

Moreover, the ingredients used in your skin products can be toxic to your dog if ingested. Hence, it overall is a terrible idea to use your products on your dog. Shampoo and conditioners for dogs contain all-natural ingredients specially formulated for your pawed buddies. Depending on the type of coat of your dog, you may also have to use a conditioner after putting on shampoo. It is essential since some dog skins can dry up through the use of shampoos and may need conditioners to add back the moisture.

You can also consult your dog’s vet for a complete and thorough checkup of your dog’s skin type and condition. The vet may also inform you if your dog suffers from any skin conditions and may need specific medicated shampoos, conditioners and washes.

Buy the Appropriate Grooming Products

While being on the topic of grooming, let us take this opportunity to emphasise how important it is to have the right grooming products for an adequate grooming session. If you have the appropriate tools, you do not even need to spend a fortune on professional grooming sessions. There are some fantastic canine grooming kits available in the market that come with all the necessary tools. The grooming products that you might need would be hair clippers, nail clippers, scissors, brushes, combs, trimmers, etc. Buy the ones that suit the needs of your canine friend and start giving them the luxury of a professional grooming session right at your home.

Use Flea Brushes

Keeping your dog, flea-free is essential for maintaining proper hygiene. For this, you may need to comb your dog’s hair with a thin flee brush. It also helps to pull out any dead hair that the initial brushing left behind in the roots of the dog’s fur. However, it is better to use a wide-toothed brush to start grooming the hair after the bath. Brush your dog thoroughly using a wide-toothed comb and once you get close to the skin, use a thinner flea comb to clean your dog of any signs of fleas.

It is also recommended using a separate flea blush for your dog’s face and the body.

Cut Those Nails

Taking care of nails is an essential part of the grooming process. Often people are wary of clipping their dog’s nails out of fear that they might hurt their innocent buddies. But if you have an efficient nail clipper, then you do not have to worry much.

Also, some dog breeds have long hair on their feet, which results in the owner forgetting about trimming the nails. It is not good because large toenails may affect your dog’s ability to move and walk. One thing that should be taken into consideration here is that all dogs do not need clipping of toenails.

Do Not Forget Dental Hygiene

Dental hygiene is as crucial as every other grooming phase, and you should not avoid overlooking it. Make sure to clean your dog’s teeth at every grooming session. You may need to buy a specific dog toothpaste since the usual toothpaste you use would be harmful to your dog’s tummy. For the brushing, you may need to massage your dog’s gums while brushing their teeth. You can use a toothbrush with soft bristles or a finger brush to stroke the dog’s gums.

Clean the Ears and Check the Eyes

Ear infections are common in dogs; therefore, it is vital that you thoroughly clean your dog’s ear after every bath. You should also make sure there are no signs of a foul odor, inflammation, or redness which will indicate in case there is an infection. You can use a cotton bud to clean your dog’s ear from the outside. It is important to note that doctors advise against putting cotton bud inside the ear for cleaning.

You should also keep a check on your dog’s eyes and clean them off any dirt and muck. If left unclean, the eyes can also easily contract infections.

Clean the Grooming Equipment

After a thorough cleaning session, do not forget to wash all the grooming tools too. A crucial part of maintaining hygiene is to keep the grooming tools spotless and clean. You may have to wash the tools with a disinfectant to ensure they are safe to use again on your dog without causing it any infections or diseases.


Your dog is your responsibility. They look up to you for all their needs and wants. You need to make sure that you provide your dogs with the best grooming, hygiene and care to give them a healthy, long and active life.

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