What you should know when you travel with a small dog?

Whether you go on a vacation, or you have no other alternative, but taking your small dog on your business trip, there are some things you need to consider in advance. We believe that traveling with a small dog can be a real stress if you do not have in mind, all of these pieces of advice and warnings. So in case you are going to travel with your little furry friend, here is what you should know and have in mind before, during or even after the trip:

There are airplane companies that do not allow dogs on board.

However, when it comes to small dog breeds, in most cases you will be allowed to take your puppy. Of course, reading the specific rules as to how to keep or hold the dog during the flight is a must. Do not forget to reach the company’s customer support representatives to ask your questions if you have any doubts or misunderstandings about their rules for the flight with a small dog on board.

You might need to buy a ticket for the dog

Unlike the previous fact, when it comes to payment, probably, there will be no difference between a tiny teacup yorkie, small or a big dog, so you will have to buy a ticket for your puppy. We warn you about this because it might become very awkward and uncomfortable for you to find out you are illegally transporting your dog without having the right to.

If you are going abroad…

Make sure your small dog is fully equipped with the necessary ID and health insurance papers. These are mandatory documents that have become quite similar to human’s ones recently. If this is your first time, go to your local administrator’s regional office and get more details as to how to receive these ID documents.

Any travel is a kind of stress for the puppy

Which is why you need to be prepared for the animal to be in stressed in some level whether during or after the travel (especially if this is her/his first travel.). Do not panic, eventually and especially when it sees you around the puppy will get back to normal. Just like it is with little kids and babies, small dog owners take their puppy’s favorite food or toys on board (or other means of transportation) to distract the animal’s attention. If it is cold don’t forget the dog sweater or coat. Most small dogs are sensitive to cold weather.

It’s not your dog only, but the rest of the passengers…

We mean that the inconvenience might not be yours or your dog’s only. The truth is that you are the only responsible person for the dog. This means that if someone is afraid of your dog – no matter how small dog it is (we need to be clear that there are people, who are even more afraid of smaller dog breeds, because they bark more) – you need to relax this person, you need to do everything possible to keep your dog away. If you are still wondering how could be possible someone to be afraid of Morkie, teacup Yorkie or other tiny sweet dogs – believe me, it is possible!  If your mean of transportation carries even one single kid, make sure to keep your dog away. Incidents happen and you need to be prepared for any of them.

Arrange the accommodation in advance, too – with your dog in mind, of course

Most of today’s contemporary hotels and motels do allow dogs on their territories, especially when it comes to a small dog. However, there are strict policies that ban dogs in specific hotels. Be sure not to make a reservation in such a hotel. Be sure to ask the administrator of the hotel in advance – whether it is allowed for you to take your dog with you. If you hide your small dog and eventually the hotel administration finds out about it, you might need to pay a sanction.

Keeping these simple, but really important things in mind, when arranging your travel with a dog, gives peace to all of you: your puppy, the rest of the passengers and you, of course.


Richard Hayes

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