Tips for Traveling With Your Dog

Do you have an adventurous spirit and love to travel with pets by land, sea, and air? If this is your case, don’t place the dog as an excuse, because today you can take it by car, boat or plane. But, beforehand, don’t forget to consult with different regulations from each facility and transport company. In this article, we will only discuss traveling with your dog using a car. Just keep reading!

Using a Car

This is a medium chosen by most people when they decide to travel with their dog, for the comfort and freedom it offers. However, we must remember some important rules and recommendations to make the trip bearable and happy for everyone.

The rule number one is that the dog will never be able to escape in the car, he must always walk safely; To achieve this, we will choose a reliable system, which has proven its effectiveness by collision testing.

For safety, you must put it on the floor, behind the passenger seat; never put it in the back seat with a seat belt because, in the event of a collision, the support and the top of the cabin will be damaged, causing serious injury to the dog and passengers.

Separator Bar

They are designed to carry dogs in the trunk and prevent them from entering the occupant’s area; they are usually used in family vehicles and for large dogs; The barrier matches the floor and ceiling and can be easily removed; We must ensure that there are no gaps. The separator bar has a network-like function and is more resistant; some are made to fit the car.


It’s very important to stop, at least every two hours. Every dog needs relaxation and they can experience “stress” if they have to be locked in a small room for some time. If they experience stress, bad things can happen. It’s better to avoid these risks by stopping every 50 km, to give your beloved dog a chance to rest and walk around the car. Remember that you carry a dog, not just an inanimate object.

Water and Hydration

It is very necessary to bring drinking water specifically for you; It is also important for your dog to cool and withstand high temperatures. High temperatures can be dangerous; disrupt your concentration and even lower your dog’s awareness (which in some cases can be fatal).

Cars and Heat

Do not leave your dog alone in the car, especially in hot weather; heat attacks can be fatal; so, always carry and control your beloved dog. There are many cases of dog deaths from dehydration. You want to take your dog to the destination safely, not bring the body.
By following the suggestions above, you can minimize the risks that can occur when you bring your dog on a trip. Risk is certainly unavoidable, but with preventive measures, you can minimize the possibility. Good luck and enjoy your holiday with your beloved dog!

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