4 Tips for Navigating High Pet Food Prices

Having pets is like having kids – they depend on you to provide basic needs and care for them in every aspect. That means including them in your monthly shopping budget to keep them happy and healthy. 

While the joys of having pets are usually more than the work involved in looking after them, sometimes their supplies can be pretty pricey.

where to buy pet food

However, you can reduce your burden with pet food by exploiting some creative money-saving tactics. Below are some ideas to help you save a few bucks on that bag of dog food or snacks.

Diversify Your Income Sources

Multiple income streams are one of the best solutions to the increasingly high cost of living. You cannot rely on a single income to cater to all your bills, including pet food. The good thing is that you can do tons of money-making tasks online. 

You can sell your skill on sites like Fiverr and Upwork, do small tasks for money on Swagbucks, or join an affiliate hosting referral program. It all depends on where your interests lie and how much time you have to invest in other money-making activities. You can also open a business physically or online to boost your monthly income and give you money to pay bills and buy pet food.

Buy In Bulk

Buying food when you have many pets can be costly, especially when you do not know the best places to get that amount of food. One trick that saves money when buying anything is buying in bulk. 

In most cases, buying multiple items at once earns you a discount because of the economies of scale factor. Therefore, most sellers will give you a better price when buying more than one item in their shop. 

Also, it mostly applies to shops selling pet food at wholesale prices. Instead of picking a bag of pet food in a self-service store where the price is fixed, you can go to stores where you can bargain or get a discount for bulk purchases.

Look for Discounts

Discounts on items you need to buy frequently, like pet food, can help you significantly reduce the amount of money you spend in your household. However, it is upon you to find stores with discounts or sites offering coupons on such products. 

You can ask around neighbors and friends or do an online search to know where the discounts are. If you are a regular at your local shop, they will likely give you discounts from time to time or always inform you when they have a sale for the products you buy.

Find Creative Homemade Recipes

Buying dog food is easy and convenient. Also, most dogs will love the snacks and packed food you get from the supermarket. However, it is not always possible to get the packed food. You could find the shelf empty or the price too high that you cannot afford it.

That should not make your pets starve. Start learning how to make homemade pet food with the simple ingredients you have at home. Besides saving you money and the time to drive to the store, it also gives you a chance to feed your pets different and tasty foods. 


Pets are wonderful and have many health benefits. However, taking care of them can be tough sometimes.

As much as pet food is necessary, try to reduce the cost by any amount you can to avoid seeing it as a burden. Get those discounts and learn those amazing pet food recipes to care for your pets better and avoid spending a fortune.

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