5 Things to Remember When Taking Your Dog on A Retreat

When you have a dog in the family, you know they can never be left behind, especially during long-term retreats and vacations. They should be in on the adventure and not to mention, they also deserve the much-needed break. If you are planning to visit the countryside or maybe literally go out of the country, there are some things that you should take into account during the preparations. Always consider your dog’s situation, that he or she too, should have a wonderful experience.

To help you with your dog-friendly retreat, here is a list of things you should do and prepare for your fur-baby:

1. Prepare the Essentials

The first thing you should so for preparations is to research the place that you are visiting. Check the weather and the terrain. See if there are dog stores that are easily accessible from your cottage and if they sell your puppy’s necessities. This way, you may not have to pack into your suitcase some essentials, like food and treats, if they are already available there.

If this is not the case, then you may need to start creating a packing list for your dog. If you have particular dog food that is less likely to be available on the common marketplace, then make sure you pack enough for the entire trip. Do not forget to bring a couple of your dog’s favourite toys to keep him or she entertained during the travel and downtimes. For cold weather, bring proper clothing like coats or vests to keep your dog warm. Secure a dog tag that has your complete contact information for when you might take apart. Lastly, pack medicines that he or she might need to take.

2. Make Sure You Book a Cottage is Dog-friendly

One challenge that most dog owners encounter when they go out of town is looking for places that accommodate dogs. Luckily,  dog-friendly cottages Dorset has several listings of retreat houses where your canine companion will feel the most welcome. If you are planning to visit Dorset, then you might never have to think about the cottages that you can rent. When deciding which cottage to go for, always consider its location and if the surroundings are safe for your dog to enjoy. The cottage must also be fully equipped for your dog’s needs.

3. Your Dog Must be in Great Health and Condition

If your dog does not have prior experience in travelling, then you might need to think twice about the trip, especially if you are travelling by plane or any public vehicle. If you really want to go on the trip, then taking a private car would be a better idea or make sure that your puppy is trained to travel and behave in public places. Untrained dogs may become harder to manage once they get exposed to unfamiliar territories. 

Their health must also be ensured before the trip. Your dog must be in good shape and is healthy enough to do all the travelling and the activities that you have planned.

4. Arrange Dog-friendly Activities

Of course, you have to arrange an itinerary where your dog can participate and also enjoy. Hikes and nature walks are the best choice when on a retreat with a pet. If your dog loves swimming then a trip to the nearest beach is also a good idea. Do further research on other pet-friendly activities you can do in town.

5. Prepare Emergency Contact Numbers

Do your research beforehand and look for the nearest veterinarian that you can contact in the town where you are going to have your retreat. It is in case of unexpected accidents that you might need assistance. List down possible emergency veterinarians in the town and their contact numbers as well as your veterinarian. Untoward mishaps may be the last thing that we want to happen during this retreat but it is essential to be ready just in case.

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