Royal Canin Dog Food Reviews- Are they a Good Brand?

Dog foods are very precarious. A certain type and brand of dog food can be good or bad depending on what the type and condition of the dog it is fed to. There are not many brands that can satisfy the simply picky eaters and also provide health benefits, while also having to be compatible with as many dogs as possible.

Royal Canin Dog Food Reviews- Are they a Good Brand?

Only a few renowned brands do have the ability to balance all of those factors and keep their customers happy along with their dogs. And Royal Canin is one of them. 

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Royal Canin dog food has been on the list of must-have food for pets by pet owners. This public recognition comes not just from advertising, but also from a solid trustworthy foundation of pet foods for over 50 years now. Their food has been tested through time and criticism from the start and still hold to their merits.

Origins of Royal Canin

Royal Canin does not have the most luxurious origins as one might think. It has a humble beginning, one that didn’t start from a pet store or dog food manufacturing employee. But it was started by a veterinary surgeon in his garage. 

1968, the economy of France came to a complete stop. Chain reactions of protest to riots were caused and France was in civil unrest. But that didn’t stop a veterinary surgeon, Jean Cathary. He had his veterinary practice, in a small village in France. The people who used to bring their pets to his care were mostly petrified that their dogs had skin and coat problems among other issues. He was concerned that the food they fed their dogs at the time was inadequate in nutrition and caused these pet diseases to run rampant in France.

Due to this, he made his recipe in an oven in his garage for those pets with such afflictions. This had helped immensely to keep these problems and diseases at bay for those dogs. Soon after he registered the trademark “Royal Canin” and started a pet food company that mass-produced pet food using extruders from the USA.

These extruders were not common at all in France and Europe, and Royal Canin was the first company to make pet food that had these extruders in Europe at the time. With only forty staff members, a large factory was mass-producing their recipes and was advertised on television. These ad campaigns were not used to promote the competition products, so they were left in the dust. 

In 1972 the Royal Canin was sold to a large group of a family business in livestock feeding called the Guyomarc’h group. Which flourished their era of research and development of the recipes and how beneficial they can be. These research-based foods are their specialty to this day. After the ownership of Guyomarc’h changed hands till it was purchased by the Canadian and USA veterinary food brands Techni-cal, Medi-cal, and IVD for 82 million dollars. 

To this day they have 12 production facilities including factories around the world and 3 research centers in Europe, the USA, and Asia including China and South Korea.  

Among their biggest facilities, in Poland at a time when their company had a laboratory included in the build and was said to be “the ninth most modern aspect that belongs to a company” at that time because of it. 

The core of Royal Canin

Royal Canin is researched and science-based pet food specifically made for pets. Their scientists including Doctor Daniel Cloche have been at the forefront in researching bone-related diseases and disorders in dogs. They are not to be underestimated in this regard.  In the 1990s, the chairman of the company, Henri Lagarde has been touted to push for this scientific-veterinary research-based approach. 

He prompted the company to build up their research so that “no veterinary university or veterinarian should be able to refute Royal Canin nutrition facts and arguments”.

Their approach of respecting the dog’s body, type, breed, age, and a lot of health-related factors gave the company an immensely strong foundation that can’t be shaken. Their company’s core was “knowledge and respect” and still is for the better days of its existence till now. 

This approach was further carried into the workplace when Laguarde made an effort to change ‘traditional’ to ‘specialist’ and the traditional has to be omitted from every single reference, documents, and computer. And well-trained teams of advisors for breeders and professionals were called “Cytotechnicians” as a new term to call these advisors and sales staff. These advisors were had deep roots in the canine world as they were judges in dog shows around the world and had an immense skill at breeding dogs.

Sponsoring the dog shows and also publishing scientific encyclopedias about dog and cat breeding and nutrition which was called ‘Focus’ and is now known as “Veterinary Focus Magazine”. Focus circulated the world in eleven languages and to seventy thousand veterinarians. 

These achievements towards dogs and cats show how dedicated and passionate they are to these creatures. 

Law and violations

Other than having one of their facilities violate the “clean water act” in 2005. Recalls by FDA of multiple brands that had melamine in pet foods in 2007, They have found 8 products with melamine in their pet foods during a routine inspection. This was their second time.

The third and final time was in May of 2017 when there had melamine traces in their pet foods which were believed to stem from contamination of Chinese rice proteins in their food. And soon after they released a statement that they will no longer use Chinese rise proteins in their pet food again. 

There are no recall or issues with their food product ever since and there have been no cases of pets dogs or cats to fall ill due to these tracers as they go thorough inspections in their facility themselves and by proper authorities. This should help dog owners not to be concerned about their pets consuming Royal Canin products.

This gave them enough time to reconcile about their responsibility and grow better in terms of transparency and criticism by customers.

The company has had a clean slate for years. Making it one of the few major brands that have put effort into evolving their ideas and transitioning to the change in generations. 

Royal Canin Dog Food

Royal Canin is well established in the dog food world as we have seen. And the variety of dog food they produce for specific needs of a different breed, age, and health makes it very versatile in what they give to every dog owner out there. Our reviews of Royal Canin show how they maintain a very high standard for dog food and keep their rating always over 4 stars out of five. 

Amazon has put up Royal Canin for “Amazon’s choice” for some of their Dog food products. This is a certain achievement is given to very well-priced and highly rated products that are on amazon. Making it the most suitable for dog owners, to give their dogs this food without worries. 

Chewy has over 309 products of Royal Canin on their site. Out of those 309 products, 287 are 4 stars and up out of 5 stars. This makes it 92% of their products on amazon are 4 stars and up. This amazing figure can only be made when an overwhelming majority of customers are satisfied with their purchases and their dogs are happy.

Their merits speak louder than words

The hundreds of thousands of reviews accumulative of many sites give them the grounds to have those 4 stars and up ratings. Aside from a tiny majority that has 3 to 5 stars most hold a solid 4 and 4.5 in most cases. The 3-star products are very rare, they are often gib=ven this rating for having fillers and such. But they are in the very tiny minority of dog foods made by Royal Canin

These low-starred foods are prone to be changed by Royal Canin themselves as they strive to bring better and better dog food for their customers ’ happiness.

The sheer variety of pet food and age-based food has given pet owners a lot to believe in. Wet pet foods for puppies help owners feed puppies with great nutritional benefits. The chicken meals they use in these products have a high amount of proteins that are simply not found in normal fresh chicken. The minerals and digestive fibers in their senior dog food category are immensely popular like puppy foods as they are generally the go-to pet food for senior dogs. 

Adult dogs have positive reactions to Royal Canin products.

Not only are they highly recommended by veterinarians because of their health benefits. They are often used as alternatives to medicine that have side effects on dogs. They are also super delicious to dogs and even picky eaters like Pomeranians and Chihuahuas often find themselves delighting in these meals. 

Their foods are very calculative and well researched. They own the majority of support from customers. They try their best and always do good for canine research in nutrition and health. There is almost nothing bad about their foods.

To Conclude

Many brands have gone and newer brands appear every few years for dog foods. But a hallmark as Royal Canin is rare and has a rich history of success and long-standing support behind them. Their dog foods are the result of over 50 years of dedicated research and love mixed in. Royal Canin deserves to be called a good brand if not a great brand.

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