Reasons Why Pigeons Make for Great Pets

The idea of being a dog or a cat parent is so out there that it has almost started to sound like a cliché. Some clichés are obviously good, and there can never be something as fulfilling than to be a dog or a cat parent. However, maintaining a dog or any feline animal can be tough, especially if you stay alone and happen to live outside your house for the most part of the day.

These innocent creatures require constant love, support and care to thrive, or they could end up in bad shape. Therefore, before you adopt a feline or a dog, make sure that you have the means and time in your hand to take care of them. Speaking of which, it reminds us to broach the subject of how wonderful birds and especially pigeons can be as pets.

You might not have paid much attention to the idea, but maybe it is high time that you do. Pigeons are peaceful creatures, and they do not require much of maintenance because they are fiercely independent and resilient. So, we decided that these loving harbingers of love and peace get their due worth and have thus, gathered a few reasons why you would want to have a flock in your house immediately.

Pigeons Do Not Require Your Constant Attention:

Pigeons are incredible beings, and they do not nag you for love and care. You could build a simple home for them on your terrace with a few wooden planks and nails, and stack them with hay. They shall stay inside when they have to, fly about on their own and then come back to you when it is time.

They need no constant attention and neither do they demand your company or food every few hours. They are simple creatures and know pretty well how to manage on their own. Therefore, it is exceptionally easy to maintain them and look after them. Pigeonpedia has some fantastic pieces of information that can help you understand the kind of care pigeons require if you intend to go for them.

Petting Pigeons Does Not Require Much of Your Money:

As we already mentioned in the point preceding this one, pigeons do not need to be fed or built a home, and we would like to emphasize more on the factor of them being cost-effective. Birds are known to make arrangements for their own food, and whatever food you might have to buy for them are not even half as expensive as the ones for dogs or cats. You can feed them grains or rice, and they shall bless you for that. Plus, you do not even have to buy expensive products for their hygiene.

Adopting a pet is the best thing ever, but it might start blowing your income and then you might not be able to manage the finances. Therefore, to avoid a situation as such, it might be a better idea to pet a couple of pigeons first and then move on to bigger responsibilities.

Pigeons Are Independent and Resilient Creatures, and You Could Take a Lesson or Two from Them:

We have established so far that pigeons are amazing and lovable birds, and they can very well manage on their own. They are independent and natural explorers, and maybe having a flock could imbue the same qualities into your personality. There are several things that you can learn from these lovely birds. They might leave your abode in the search for food and mates, but they are rooted in every way and shall come back to you at the end of the day. Pigeons keep your company with their peaceful and humble existence and demand nothing of you in return. That is the beauty of this species.

They are resilient in all their glory and can fight every day to survive the perils of the world without you having to back them up. All you need to do is leave them free and not shackle them down, so that they are able to enjoy the treats of nature. All things said and done, your pet pigeon shall come back to you when they are done exploring for the day, and you do not even have to worry about their well-being because they have the innate quality to deal with adversities on their own.


Most people harbor the idea of adopting a cat or a dog at some point in their lives, and they are right to do so. But keeping them healthy and happy is a huge responsibility, and you need to be well-suited to dispense off the duties, lest it could only ruin the innocent lives. Keeping pigeons in your house looks like an easy thing to do, and they are great for company. Therefore, before moving on to the taking up a bigger responsibility of pet parenting, consider taking care of pigeons first.

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