5 Healthy Reasons to Switch to Grain-free Dog Food

Every dog owner wants to treat their canine friends with care and respect. An essential part of care comes with what you choose to give your dog for their meals. Grain-free diets have become popular in the last decade for owners looking for a healthier option for their beloved pets. Providing a healthier diet for your dog will build a strong foundation for a long and healthy life. All pet owners hope that they can do something to keep their pups with them as long as possible, and that starts with giving them the best fuel for life.

Regular dog foods contain loads of fillers and additives that don’t contribute to good health, despite filling your dog’s belly. Grain-free dog food is carefully designed to hold the balanced nutrition and energy that every dog craves. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of switching to grain-free dog food.


Dogs share a history with other well-known meat-eaters such as wolves. As such, their systems are not primarily designed to handle the breakdown of heavy amounts of grains. Mass-produced dog foods tend to fill their product with cheaper grains to make a profit with little care for how your dog will be able to digest their meal. Grain-free dog foods designed to account for everything that your dog needs nutritionally without the fillers. Meats, grains of rice, and vegetables are much easier for dogs to digest efficiently, keeping them full without irritation to the stomach.


Dog food containing grain fillers is not providing your dog with the natural oils that helps them maintain a healthy coat and skin. Many dogs that are fed regular foods suffer from flaky and irritated skin and coats that lack shine and thickness. When you switch over to a grain-free diet for your dog, they will be getting a better-balanced diet that has everything they need to look and feel their best. 


When dogs are trying to digest foods that are full of fillers like grain, their bodies are not working efficiently. Digestion ends up taking a lot of energy with little payoff. Grain-free dog foods contain higher portions of essential meats that can be directly processed proteins giving them more energy. Proper energy levels allow your dog to get the healthy activity they need to stay strong and happy.


In the same way that many humans are allergic to gluten in many grains, dogs can also have a negative reaction to a food with grain fillers. If your dog is showing signs of an allergic reaction with regular food, including dry skin, obsessive licking, and diarrhea, switching over to a grain-free dog food may help them feel better. 


When dogs are on a regular food diet, they end up eating more fillers than nutrients that are properly broken down during digestion. The energy that it takes to digest food leaves them more lethargic, leaving them at risk of gaining weight. Grain-free dog foods can increase energy levels that allow your dog to get the exercise they need to stay slim and healthy. 

As a dog owner, you want to give your best friend the best life possible in exchange for all the joy that they bring to you. If you are considering making a change to help improve your dog’s health, think about the benefits of switching over to grain-free dog food. 

Richard Hayes

Hey there! Meet Richard Hayes, the big boss and marketing guru behind Pet Dog Planet. He's been a total doggo fanatic since forever and loves all kinds of pups, from tiny teacup Chihuahuas to big, burly Bulldogs. His absolute favorite pastime? Snuggling with adorable puppies—he can't get enough of those cute little faces! Plus, he's totally into iced coffee, chilling in hammocks, and, of course, more puppy cuddling!

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