Raise Your Voice Against Animal Cruelty

The world seems to be a nice place to live in; but if you were to peep into the heart of it, you would see the darkness simmering within. There is violence and hostility everywhere with very little light and love. And the moment someone tries to sow seeds of affection and goodwill in any act, there are a thousand others waiting in line to strip the world of every last bit of kindness.

Human beings are incredible creatures. They know and understand comfort. They are living beings with the gift of understanding and logic, yet fail to understand several subtleties of emotions. They fail to realize that every living being on the planet (at least the sentient ones) are capable of feeling kindness and cruelty alike.

Therefore, when you throw stones at a stray animal shivering in a cold night, you are defying your capacity of logic and putting up a show of your idiocy. It is as simple as that. Truth be told, it does not require acts and rules to teach humility and kindness towards other living beings. But, the cruelty of our kind is such that the government of the respective country (or state) needs to step in to put these things in place.

With this article, we aim at looking into the ways in which we can do our bit to protect animals and see to it that the planet we leave behind for our children knows how to be kind and protective towards animals.

Use Your Voice To Speak Up

A small voice in the quiet can do wonders. Stand up to animal cruelty wherever you are and whenever you see such brutal acts. Your single act of rebellion with a cause can save the lives of many innocent living beings. You might not be able to stop the cruelty at the first go, and this might be disheartening. But, this should not deter you from doing what is right.

Learn All About Animal Protection Laws In Your Place

The only way to see that the animals in your area are safe and secure is by you being aware of the laws that prevail. Learn all that there is to animal protection and visit a law firm if you feel that these laws are being violated. You could try seeking the help from law firms like Nehora Law Firm, which take such cases seriously. Lawyers can guide you through what needs to be done and bring the perpetrators to books. Do not shy away from approaching them or seeking the help of higher authorities when you see brutalities against animals taking place. Being aware and informed is the only way to combat the widespread violence against innocent living beings. You can use your education to tell people off and serve justice.

Teach The Next Generation To Be Empathetic

Children learn what they are taught, and they learn by observation. Therefore, see to it that you are setting only the best examples in front of your next generation. They shall take after you. Teach your children to be empathetic and feel for animals. These values, when imbued into them since a very young age, can develop them into holistic human beings and they shall learn how to care for others. They shall learn the value of having pets or loving animals. Kindness goes a long way, and you need to set such vivid examples in front of them.

Do Not Litter

Littering is not just pernicious to the environment, but also animals. Plastics have anyway been ruining wildlife and sabotaging the health of this planet. Animals swallow plastics, and this seals their fate. Therefore, if you want to be an advocate who raises awareness against animal cruelty, you have to measure and keep a tab on your moves as well. Also, try to clean up litter whenever possible. This does not mean that you must go around with a broom and a mop and start cleaning up the roads. Only that, you must be conscious about your movements as well as others.

Curate Your Meat Consumption

We understand that it might not always be possible to cut meat entirely out of your food habits. But, you can at least try bringing down the consumption and help save millions of animals all across the world. You could also try reading up on the vegan lifestyle and see if it seems like a suitable choice for you.


There are laws enforced all over the world that tries to protect animals from all harm and gives them their fundamental right to survival. In fact, every living being deserves to live. The question of ‘allowance’ should not even come into the picture. However, that is the shape life has assumed. Animals are innocent and docile. They cannot speak up, and human beings start taking undue advantages of that. Therefore, you must be aware of the laws that prevail in your state and also come up with your own ways to enlighten people and stop the malicious activities towards animals.

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