The Most Important Puppy Training Tips

As of last year, about 48 million households own dogs in the United States. A large part of owning a dog is training them to be well-mannered when they are puppies. Doing so will ensure they grow up to be good dogs with little to no issues. Continue reading to learn about some important puppy training tips! 

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One of the most important puppy training tips is always using positive reinforcements. Most puppies respond much better to positivity rather than punishments for their wrongdoings. Some punishments could even create behavioral issues like aggression or nervousness. 

You should always react positively when your puppy correctly does a command during training. This helps them understand what you’re asking and encourages them to repeat the command. You can positively reinforce actions with treats or praise. 


Dealing with new puppies can become frustrating as they fail to listen or complete training. Remember, puppies have short attention spans and are full of energy. Therefore, you must always be patient during training and avoid getting mad.

Becoming upset can translate to your tone, which can scare your pet. Try taking a break if your puppy isn’t interested in training. Once they seem more focused, you can begin training once again. 


An essential first thing to teach a puppy is to be social around other dogs and people. Socialization allows the dog to experience new places and faces and learn to be comfortable in various situations. Your puppy will grow to be calm with most circumstances they encounter. 

Failure to socialize could lead to anxiety, aggression, or fear. These feelings could be triggered at any moment when out in public.

No socialization could also cause your dog to become codependent. Codependency in a dog could lead to severe separation anxiety. 

Potty Training

Potty training a puppy is something you’ll want to start teaching as soon as possible. Keeping a constant routine will benefit both of you during this process. They will catch on to the routine and understand that they should only relieve themselves outside. 

Also, you should feed your dog at similar times each day. Always take your puppy out after eating or drinking to establish this routine. Don’t forget to let the puppy go outside after each nap as well.

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Basic Commands

As your puppy begins training, remember to start with basic commands. These commands should be simple and easy for them to understand. For example, commands like sit, shake, and lay down are great starters. 

Once the puppy masters these commands, you can start trying more challenging options. However, some puppies may need further development before understanding more complicated orders. Remember, as your pet slows down from old age, they may also lose cognitive abilities and agility. 

The Most Important Puppy Training Tips

These puppy training tips are essential to follow to ensure your dog is well behaved throughout their life. Hopefully, your puppy masters these training techniques quickly!

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