Pros And Cons Of Sharing A Bed With Your Dog

Even some of the biggest dog lovers are against sharing a bed with their pooch! On the other hand, others can’t imagine a good night’s sleep without their furry companion by their side. While we can’t possibly pick a side, we have decided to talk to several dog owners to find a few pros and cons of sharing a bed with your dog. Here’s what we’ve found out!


#1. You’ll Feel Safer

People trained dogs to be our guardians. In other words, they are always alert, even when they sleep. How many times have you seen your pup suddenly wake up from deep slumber at the slightest of noise? If you sleep with your dog, you can rest assured knowing he’ll wake you up in case anything happens. This includes not just an intruder but also fire, flood, or anything else that could potentially harm you. In case you live alone, sharing a bed with your dog is a good way to know nothing can catch you off-guard.

#2. He’ll Keep You Warm

If you sleep alone, you know just how cold it may get during the night. When you have a dog, you may no longer need that double blanket. The warmth of his body will keep you from freezing during cool, winter nights.

#3. It Improves Your Relationship

In the wild, all pack members sleep together, in one spot. If you share a bed with your dog, you’re letting him know you belong together. This enables them to trust you more, making your bond even stronger. If you have a rescue dog that still suffers from anxiety, sleeping together is an excellent way to make him feel more comfortable. He will trust you entirely easier if you do this every night.

#4. It Helps You Relax

Dogs make people happy. This is something that is a long-known fact that has even been scientifically proven. Spending time with dogs will release oxytocin, a hormone of happiness that gives you that fuzzy feeling. If your dog is beside you when you go to sleep, he can help calm you down and make you more relaxed. This way, you can fall asleep easier, and you’ll probably even have a more quality sleep time!


#1. It Might Ruin Your Quality of Sleep

Just as some dog owners reported feeling much more comfortable when sharing a bed with their dog, others state that their pets interrupt their good night’s sleep. Dogs are restless sleepers. They sleep in about three cycles a night, while humans sleep in just one. They’ll wake up several times during the night, and they won’t stay calm. For light sleepers, this can be a deal-breaker.

#2. It Can Worsen Your Breathing Issues

If you have asthma or allergies, having a dog nearby can make things worse. Sure, if you suffer from severe allergies, you probably aren’t a dog owner. However, many people have mild allergic reactions to many things located in your pooch’s fur, such as dust or pollen. Sharing a bed with your dog can increase the time you spend exposed to allergens, which can make things so much worse for your nose and lungs.

#3. It Can Make Them Misbehave

Some dogs might lose the feeling you are the pack leader if they share a sleeping spot with you. This will reinforce their belief that they are the dominant partner in the relationship. Of course, not all dogs are like this, and many will have improved behavior if they are close to you. However, if your dog’s behavior worsens after you let him in your bed, this might be the underlying cause.

#4. It Can Make Your Bed Dirty

If you let your dog inside your bed, chances are you give him regular baths. However, even seemingly clean dogs might bring things you don’t want inside your bed. This includes fleas, tics, bacteria, and parasites. Your pup can transfer some of these onto you, so be careful. While this won’t happen all the time, it might not be a good idea for a dog to share a bed with an immunocompromised person.

Bottom Line

There are valid arguments to both sides of the conversation. Whether you’ll share a bed with your pup or if he’ll have a bed on his own depends entirely on you – and how weak you are towards the puppy eyes your four-legged friend gives you.

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