6 Products That Every Dog-Owner Should Have

Besides the basic food and water bowls, leashes, dog beds, and dog food, there are thousands of dog products. It makes picking simple items really difficult, doesn’t it? You might need a list of essentials to help keep your head on straight.

Recently, a detailed litter robot review explained the benefits of having an automatic litter box cleaner in your home. Luckily, like this time saving tool for cat owners, there are a lot of new products for dogs that make the owner’s job easy. You get to spend less time shopping and more downtime with your pet.

Whether you are looking to adopt a furry friend, or you already have a dog at home, here are the top six products that every dog owner should have. These are not only cool gadgets, but they’ll make your dog happy and your life easier!

1. An Automatic Pet Feeder

Have you ever created such a hectic schedule for yourself that you just can’t get home to feed your dog? Meetings get delayed, traffic strikes at the worst time, and your pup is sitting at home with a growling tummy waiting for your arrival. There’s nothing worse than knowing your dog needs you, and not being able to make it to them in time.

Much like the automatic litter cleaner, this automatic dog feeder is a lifesaver for those pet owners that have a busy schedule.

With these feeders, you will never have to worry about your four-legged best friend waiting hungrily at home. With a tap of your phone, the door opens on the feeder and food comes out. Say goodbye to forgetting to feed them, or not being able to stick to their feeding schedule!

2. Automatic Ball Launcher

While you should not get in the habit of having all of your pet products do the work for you, this automatic ball launcher is great for occupying your pup’s attention while you are busy.

Whether you are working around the yard and unable to play your pup’s favorite game or simply want something for your pet to do while you are not home, an automatic ball launcher could be the answer to both of your dreams.

3. Trackable GPS Collar

Make sure that you are always able to locate your pet with a trackable GPS collar. These are sold both as full collars, and even as little boxes that you can just clip to the collars that they already have.

4. Matching Collar/Bracelet Set

Speaking of collars, you are going to freak out about this opportunity to match with your best friend.

With this set, you and your dog can rock the same pattern. Your dog will have a collar with a design of your choice, and you get a matching bracelet, because who doesn’t want a matching friendship bracelet with their BFF? You’ll feel more connected to your pup at all times.

5. Dog DNA Testing

With adopted dogs, it can sometimes be difficult to trace back their breed without knowing who the parents were.

With this DNA test, however, you will know all that there is to know about your dog’s breed, drug sensitivities, and breed-related illnesses to look out for.

6. Portable Dog Bath

Portable dog baths can be a lifesaver when your dog gets particularly messy at the beach or anywhere that they like to run around outdoors. Prevent sand, mud, dirt, and whatever else decides from settling into your furry friend’s coat.

Many of these baths look almost like small portable vacuums. They are lightweight and small, so you can easily bring it anywhere you go.

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