6 Pets You Can Keep in Your College Dorm

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Writing an application essay is undoubtedly stressful, but there are more things for you to worry about as a lot of new concerns are emerging, such as budget management, study, first job, university life, relationships, and much more. In this turmoil, there is often not enough strength to write written assignments. In such a situation, a college essay writing service https://writemyessayonline.com will be a reasonable solution and you could remove at least part of the load. However, the best remedy against fatigue and stress is a pet, which is why we decided to make a list of pets that you can keep right in the dorm room.

1. Tortoise

It is easy to look after turtles even for children. To maintain it, you will need a spacious terrarium, in which the temperature and humidity level will be constantly monitored. It is enough to clean the terrarium once a month and change the water in the drinker every week.

2. The Hamster

Hamsters need a very strong wire cage, as they can gnaw any other material. Instead of a cage, you can buy a terrarium. Pour sawdust generously at the bottom, hamsters love to bury themselves and build their holes. The cage needs to be cleaned no more than once a week: hamsters really do not like when their “native” smell does not remain in the cage after cleaning. Place the cage away from drafts, heaters, direct sunlight, and at a great distance from objects that the hamster can drag into its cage (curtains, indoor plants, some small things etc.). Bathing a hamster is not worth it, it can easily catch a cold. For hygiene, place a sand bath in the cage (it is very cute when bathing).

3. Geckos

This little funny tropical lizard can perfectly adapt to living in a dorm room, the only condition is a properly prepared terrarium. The gecko does not need much space. Geckos can live alone, and you can take them to your hands. It is only necessary to exercise caution in handling them, and it is advisable to show your lizard to the veterinarian once every six months.

4. Fish

Fishes are quite familiar pets for a dorm room. The pet store will offer you a huge selection of fish. They are very well suited for home use. Depending on the experience of the aquarist, you can choose less or more fastidious in keeping the fish. The main things you need to provide are a suitably sized aquarium, clean water, and the right food.

5. Chinchilla

Contrary to popular belief, the maintenance of chinchillas is not a very time-consuming task, the main thing is to comply with several mandatory rules. A cage with chinchillas should be very spacious (at least 80 × 70 × 60 cm in size), inside there should be at least two wooden shelves at different levels and a wooden house. It is better to choose a hinged, deep, and metal bowl and fix it above the shelf. Sawdust or wood filler can be placed on the bottom of the cage. Chinchilla is odorless, so there is no need to clean the cage daily.

6. Madagascar Cockroach

These are the safest animals among the exotic, but how enjoyable are them, it is another question. To create comfortable conditions, cockroaches need to equip an aquarium, the bottom of which will be covered with sawdust mixed with foliage. It is advisable to provide cockroaches with shelters: since they are nocturnal residents, they will avoid light during the day. For shelters, small cardboard boxes or cylinders from toilet paper are suitable. Cover the aquarium tightly with glass or a special lid, otherwise, the tenants will get out and crawl around the dorm, and even you are unlikely to like it. Cockroaches are usually cleaned once a month, or even less often, except for cleaning uneaten foods (although this rarely happens).

To Wrap up

There are activities that bring a lot of stress. For example, studying at a university: endless quizzes, surveys, colloquiums, tests, and a host of other worries. Accumulating stress ultimately greatly affects productivity, so you need to deal with it. Pets improve a person’s self-esteem, help him/her to feel not alone. In addition, they themselves are a source of joy and give such a mood to everyone around them. Memories of animals also have a good effect on people. True, in order to feel at ease, you need to find an animal that suits you in character and habits, and most importantly, that can be kept in a dormitory room. Our list contains the most unpretentious pets to care for, so they will certainly be suitable for the harsh life in the dorm. Do not waste time and go to the pet store!

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