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We all love the Labrador Retriever !!!
Here is a video of and about the Labrador Retriever that you may like. Please watch and comment at the bottom!

COLOR(S):  Solid black; chocolate/brown/liver; pale cream to fox red. Yellow dogs will have slightly darker shadings on the ears, and back.

COAT:  Labrador Retriever: Consist of a dense, short, straight, close water repellant outer coat. The undercoat is dense and soft. Slight wave down the back is permissible. The texture is resilient, firm. Never woolly, coarse, silky, or feathering.

OTHER NAME(S):  Labrador Retriever, LAB; Black Lab, Chocolate Lab, Yellow Lab

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Head: Skull is wide.

Eyes: Medium size; brown, yellow, or black in color.

Ears: Hang close to head. Muzzle: Medium and tapering to a point.

Nose: Black and self-colored according to coat.

Bite: Scissor or level. Neck: Medium length, powerful.

Topline: Level. Chest: Good width and depth.

Body: Strong, deep and wide. Legs: Straight, medium length, good bone, and muscle.

Feet: Compact, toes well arched.

Tail: Fairly short and rounded, thick at the base, tapering towards the tip, should not curl over back.

Movement: Good reach, with well-balanced movement.

Temperament: Energetic, free-spirited, with good movement.

Opinion: The Labrador Retriever is an all around family dog! If trained properly from a young age the retriever will give a lifetime of love and fun. I have known many families throughout the years that have chosen this breed and with no regrets. Make sure that you have an active lifestyle before choosing because the Lab is not the kind of dog that wants to sit around! Good luck and please let us know about your dog and send us pics!!!

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