Keep Your Dog Pet Busy at Home While Out for Work

It is never easy to leave one’s dog at home and that is unquestionable. Leaving one’s dog pet at home is inevitable for 9 -5 working dog owners but this is not a major issue as there are several ways to keep the pet busy while at work.

It is important to figure out ways to keep the dog busy while away and here are some tips that work for most dog pets.

While thinking about activities to keep them busy while away, do not forget to shop for their basic food and toys from an online pet store. Shopping over the weekend when free with one’s dog is fun and interesting; more like bonding time with one’s pet.

Ways To Keep Your Dog Busy When Away

Increase Physical Activity

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways out if the pet has hyper destructive energy. If the dog is extremely destructive, the best solution is to increase their amount of exercise before leaving for work. When dogs do not exercise, the tendency to have unused energy is high and there is no way to get rid of it unless picking it on things around the house.

The more a dog gets to exercise, the less chance they become destructive when left at home for work or when going somewhere else. Train the dog to exercise depending on their breed – take them for walks and jogs every morning.

Leave Music On

Dog owners must study their dogs and know their likes and dislikes. Some dogs love music because they find it to be very soothing and relaxing. Dog owners can even find dog music created for strictly for dogs.

Naturally, music is believed to calm and reduce barking or any other destructive behavior, so try to leave their favorite music on in the background before stepping out. Equally, endeavor to leave their favorite food from an online pet store in their bowl so they can eat from it when hungry.

Leave Toys Around

Toys left around the house will help to keep dogs busy while away. Some dog toys are quite effective and serve as the best destruction. Leaving these toys around is one of the amazing ways to aid dog owners in distracting their dogs while thinking about different ways of entertaining them. Dog owners can probably provide them with their favorite snacks or chewing toys; this will help to keep them busy for long hours.

Leave The Tv On

Everyone loves watching TV and dog pets are not exempted. Before leaving the house, turn on the TV and leave an interesting program on like the Animal Planet or any other similar channel. Watching and listening to other animals will make the dog remain calm and busy.

Provide A View For Your Pet

Providing a view does not mean changing one’s address to a tropical island; this simply means that dog owners can just open their curtains or blinds so that their dogs can look out anytime they want to. If the dog is still a small breed, make sure to put a cushion by the window so they can sit on it and see outside. Several dogs love staring at the neighbors or just enjoying nature especially during spring.

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