Is CBD Oil Good for Dog Anxiety?

There are already several anecdotal reports about using cannabidiol (CBD) oil in humans. Various individuals have been raving about its potential positive effects for years. Some of this substance’s possible benefits may include improved pain management and reduced stress. 

Still, it begs the question, is CBD oil good for dogs? In particular, is it an excellent solution for puppies with anxiety? Continue reading this article to know the answers to these questions. 

A Quick Look at CBD Oil

First, it’s essential to take a deeper dive into CBD oil.

Note that this substance is a product extracted from the cannabis plant. It’s a non-psychoactive substance, unlike its cannabinoid sibling tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is a substance generally found in many marijuana strains. Therefore, consuming CBD oil-infused products tends to have a minimal risk of producing mind-altering effects or ‘highs.’ Many people may seek these products to help with various physiological and psychological ailments without potentially worrying about losing their grip on reality. 

CBD oil may also provide various benefits for animals. Specifically, administering CBD oil to your pet pooch might produce certain health advantages. Some of the benefits of CBD oil for dogs may include:

  • It might relieve pain
  • It might help combat cancer
  • It might help improve epilepsy
  • It might increase appetite

Although CBD oil may produce some marvelous effects on your pup, always remember that it’s not a miracle drug. Therefore, it should be in your best interest to consult with your veterinarian before letting your dog consume any CBD oil-infused product. 

How Does CBD Oil Work in Dogs?

The cannabinoids in CBD oil interact with a dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This network of receptors helps maintain balance in the animal’s body. 

Various aches, pains, and discomforts may cause an imbalance in the ECS, leading to a lower quality of life than usual. CBD’s components may help return the ECS’s balance to normal.

Note that several CBD dog products exist on the market, which gives you, as a pet owner, different options to give to your pup. For instance, you may buy CBD dog treats, or perhaps you prefer using CBD tinctures instead.

It’s important to ensure that the ingredients in the CBD pet product are safe for your dog. Otherwise, you might be giving more harm than good.  

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs with Anxiety

An imbalance in a dog’s ECS may cause a poor pet to experience anxiety. You’ll know if your dog is anxious if they show symptoms such as the following:

  • Consistent barking or howling
  • Frequent pacing
  • Shivering
  • Multiple attempts to escape the property
  • Hiding under the bed
  • Destroying furniture

Letting the animal consume CBD oil may help improve its anxiety attacks. As mentioned, this substance helps calm the pet’s body and mind by normalizing the ECS’s hyperactive receptors. The outcome may provide you with positive results, such as:

1. Staying Calm During Fourth of July

People in the USA celebrating the Fourth of July generally fills the skies with bright-colored fireworks. But these pyrotechnics also come with loud bangs, which might be troublesome for your dog’s sensitive ears. These booming noises might make your pet run and hide under the bed in a fit of panic. This anxiety attack might persist even after the Fourth of July fireworks celebration is over. 

Hence, consider letting your pooch consume some CBD oil to calm the animal during the Fourth of July fireworks. By doing so, you might notice that your pet won’t try to find a hiding spot in your home while firecrackers and rockets fill the air with their loud booms. Instead, your dog might be by your side, calmly looking at the surroundings. 

2. Relieve Separation Anxiety

Many dog owners like to call their pets their ‘babies’ and with good reason. This is because some pups tend to possess traits that are similar to human infants, particularly when it comes to staying close to parents. 

Some dogs begin to cry, howl, and bark as soon as their fur-parents leave them alone. This scenario can lead to some bothersome situations, such as neighbors knocking at your door to complain about the disturbance. 

If you need to leave your dog alone in the house, and if the animal has separation anxiety, administer an appropriate dosage of CBD oil to the pet before vacating the premises. After a while, you may notice that your dog is calm, allowing you to go about town without worrying about the animal and their constant barking or howling. According to Honest Paws, a dog treats CBD is perfect for promoting relaxation in stressful situations. 

3. Improves Former Shelter Anxiety

Perhaps you acquired your dog from a shelter. Also, it might be possible that the animal experienced trauma from their previous owner. Hence, the pet might still have some anxiety issues as you put the animal in your arms during adoption. 

This anxiety might come with the fear of being hit or abandoned. Therefore, you might see symptoms like cowering in corners or squinting eyes for fear of being hit. 

You may help relieve the adopted dog’s anxiety from past trauma by administering CBD oil as part of the pet’s diet. Still, always show love, care, and affection, as these traits help show your puppy that they’re now with a new, loving family. 

4. Reduce Illness-Induced Anxiety

Like humans, some dogs tend to become anxious if they experience illnesses. For example, canines that suddenly lost their hearing or vision may have anxiety attacks as the loss of these senses may bring fear. 

If your dog is sick, and the illness is causing the animal to feel anxious, consider letting the animal consume CBD. CBD oil-infused products may help reduce anxiety symptoms in dogs. Plus, the organic substance may also improve certain illnesses.  

Final Words

CBD oil might be an appropriate solution to help relieve anxiety in dogs. Although it’s not a miracle drug, this naturally-occurring substance may help pups in several anxiety-related ways. It may help relieve anxiety from past trauma, illnesses, separation, and Fourth of July fireworks. Still, remember to consult with your veterinarian first to reduce the risks of potential side effects. 

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