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Having a dog as your number one companion is great, she goes for walks with you, she’s your protector, and she’s your comfort at the end of a long day. But having a pet in a rented apartment can mean that there are extra considerations that you have to take to ensure that she follows the same rules as everyone else living there does.

Once you are sure you and your favorite furry friend are following all the rules of living in a rented apartment with a pet, you may find yourself wondering what to do with her for entertainment on those days when you can’t get out.

Dogs are very similar in many ways to small children, they need a little extra attention when it comes to spending a day indoors. If you find yourself wondering about games for dogs or even how to get some indoor exercise for dogs, all from the comfort of your home, then check out some of these great ideas.

Easy, Low-Key Games

Hide and Seek

This is one game that may require some creativity on your part, especially if your dog is really good at sniffing you out. You will likely be the one who is doing most of the hiding, but it can still be a lot of fun. If your dog follows the command stay then why not break out this oldie but goodie for a great way to pass the time?

Scavenger Hunt with Treats

Start off with small, visible treats and once she gets the idea you can move into more challenging spots for her to sniff the treats out. You can even make it so there is a big reward at the end of the game, such as her favorite chew toy, or a larger bone for her to chew on.

Which One?

Who hasn’t passed some time with this one and a friend? Placing an object in one hand and getting the other to guess which one is hiding the object? This is a great puppy game for dogs who are still young and learning cues and proper impulse behavior. Simply put a treat in your hand and get her to sniff out which hand the treat is in.

Item Name Learning

Much in the same way that young children learn sight words when they are young, dogs can learn the names of a number of items. This is one of the best mental games for dogs out there, simply start with some of her favorite toys and go from there. While using the toy with her, repeat the name of the toy so that she becomes familiar with it.

Once she becomes familiar with her favorites you can start testing her and rewarding her with names of other items. You’d be surprised at how many item names she will be able to retain in her memory, so don’t feel like you have to limit it to a handful of words, play around with it and see how much she can learn.

Tug of War

This is a great indoor dog activity to play with your four-legged friend if you are trying to work on the drop it command. Just remember to pay attention to the aggression level of your pup and know when to stop if she starts becoming too, well, aggressive.

These fun indoor dog activities at Positively run along the same idea as what you might do to entertain a young child. It helps if your dog knows her commands, such as sit, so that the both of you can reap the rewards from these activities and you won’t need an extra helping hand.

Indoor Exercise Games for Dogs

Although it can be great fun to just chill with your dog at home, on those days where you really can’t get outside you still want your dog to get some exercise in, lest she take out her pent-up energy on your apartment. Some great suggestions for some indoor exercise for dogs come from Cesar’s Way.

Take Her for A Walk…

 activities for dogs

…on a treadmill, that is! If your building is fortunate enough to have a small gym and you can get away with bringing your dog into it, why not take her and yourself for a walk? If you can get away with using two treadmills, even better, you can each go at different paces.

Use the Stairs

The stairs in an apartment building are often suggested as a great way to avoid paying for a gym membership while keeping yourself in shape, so why not use this same activity for your dog? If you are both new to this type of exercise, take it easy and just do a flight or two. But, if you happen to have lots of extra energy you can increase the number of flights to your preference.

Some bonus activities can include Doga, otherwise known as dog yoga, a review of command exercises, a spa/grooming day for the two of you, a play date with another pup, kong balls, or even tossing a balloon around the room (careful this only works with dogs who know not to bite the balloon).

There are a variety of indoor activities and exercises you and your dog can do, whether due to a rainy day, a case of extreme heat or a cold snap, the possibilities are plentiful. Just remember the most important factor, to have fun with your favorite furry friend.

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